Friday, October 30, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strawberry Fields...

Yes, it is October and it is freezing outside and yes, I am very behind on blogging this. I have (well, Jimmy has) a little blue camera that is small and convenient and fits in my pocket, but it does not have a way of getting the pictures to my computer....long story, computer cord does not work and the computer that I could put the memory card into, Lynn has taken away.

Anyway, this past summer the kids and I picked strawberries for the very first time. Jim and Cheryl were kind enough to take us "newbies" and show us how to do it. It is a very good thing we had Cheryl with us. Jim took the job of picking strawberries very seriously (she went as far as calling him the strawberry Nazi...ha! ha!), but nothing is serious about the last picking (literally) or anything with the crazies in general. It was a lot of fun. Like blueberries, I think we ate more than we picked, but unlike blueberries, my back killed when we were done. Lots of fun...same time same place next year!!!

Cheryl and Iz

Jim and Ash

not sure why this rotated...oh well!!!

typical Ashley face!!!
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