Friday, October 31, 2008

First Kindergarten Party

The kids had their first party today. It went really well...all 2 hours of it. Yes, 2 hours for a party and the kids are only there for 3. I prefer preschool parties were I get to eat. Kindergarten parties you get to see this...

Isaac and his friends Elijah and Tyler...cute kids!!!

Alli "parading" through the hallways. Notice the pretty red lips? I took her to ULTA with me on Wednesday. She was in love...she is such a girl!!! She HAD to have red lipstick to go with her Belle costume.
The whole class...they were all so cute!!!

Again, a BIG thanks to my mom for coming to the kid's party. They (as was I) were so glad that you came. Isaac even had to tell his friends "this is my Grandma". He loves his Grandma so much!!!

I have no idea why this just moved over...but a cute picture of Grandma and her eldest granddaughter...if once again Tude would like at the silly camera...honestly, how do you tell your kids that their face can look at the camera, but you REALLY NEED THEIR EYES!!!!

Grandma and Isaac...someone said something about his costume, he got hot, turned into his mother, and had to take his costume off NOW!!! German attitude...still a cute picture...if I do say so myself!!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love For Ashley

Ashley had her very first preschool Halloween party. Like all preschool parties that I have been to, Mrs. Simon did a terrific job. Thanks again Mrs. Simon. Jimmy was not able to come this year...he was busy working...providing for the family...I guess we will let it slide...this time!!!

Ash did get some love from Aunt Jodi, my mom, and Jimmy's dad. Thank you all for coming. It was very nice of you!!! Ash was extra excited to see has been awhile...I am very glad that he could make it!!! Thanks again everyone!!

Ashley looks a little evil in this photo, oh wait, she is a little evil!!!

Ash getting some love from Poppy

Grandma loving on Ash. I LOVE the expression on her face. Ashley is such a sucker for love, especially from her Grandma!!!

Me and my girl. Yes, I know she is not smiling. That is because I told her to put her 3rd or 4th (not sure, quit counting!) rice krispie treat down and smile for a picture with her mom. Instead of smiling, she started to cry and say I would not let her eat. Nice, I know...I am starving my child now. Ashley LOVES her food. If I believed in reincarnation (which sorry, I don't:)!) I would swear that Ashley was raised in an orphanage. She tends to hoard food anywhere she can. There is ALWAYS food hidden in her we are going to one day stop feeding her. I have no idea where this came from, but the girl can eat and has to have a reserve!!!
For the record, Addy (Kerri's little girl) and Ryan (Mandy's little boy) also did a fantastic will have to check with their mom's for pictures...I was being crazy photo mom to Ash!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! With ALL of these candles, I am glad that you did not burn the house down:)!!
Did anyone notice Caleb in the background helping him blow out the candles????
Dad, you are very youthful looking in candle light!!

A photo with some of his girls...self taken...scary how much I look like this man!

Ashley going in for a BIG birthday kiss!!!

Thanks Dad for being you...for teaching me what is important in life and what to look for (want) in a husband. I feel very blessed to have you as my dad and Jimmy for a husband.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a NEW love

I have new favorite love...minus Jimmy and the kids of course! It is kind of a long story. I have been on a kick about being good at something and wanting a all know the story...don't need to get into it again. Anyway, Jimmy told me that I should do something that makes me happy and the two things that make me happy are shopping and taking pictures...his words, not mine! You know, he is dead on!!! That lead me to wanting to take a ton of pictures and be really good. I have been blog stalking a photographer in California by the name of, she is FABULOUS!!! She uses these "actions" in her photos that take a good picture to great. I thought, I may not be Jessica Claire, but I so need these actions. Let me also say my great friend Jennie also gave me a great lead on some actions...thanks Jenn, I will let you know how they work soon!!! So I go the web site that Jessica recommended (yes, we are now I a first name basis) and they have a free download to sample. Hot damn!!! I read through the instructions 1. must have a basic understanding of clue what a mask is, but I can wing it. 2. MUST have photo shop. Well, I had photo shop Element 5...thanks Steve!!!...I am in. I download the free software and go to use it. No, it does not work on Photo shop need the REAL photo shop. I get on and they say the original one sucks to get a least Photo shop cs3. I find it...problem is it is over $600 used. Long story wonderful husband bought me the CS3 extended version (a $1000 value on some sites!) off ebay for $250 NEW with shipping!!! GREAT DEAL and even BETTER HUSBAND!!! I just got it today...I have been trying to get it delivered to my house for over a week. Here is my first attempt at the actions. Let me just say...I AM IN LOVE!!!!! I love when photos look yellow and dirty. I have no other way to describe it. It is just cool.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.....

Original photo

After Photo shop actions

Thank you Jessica!!!!!
Mandy, it will take me a long time, but I promise to share everything I know!!!! :)!
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The Finished Product

My pumpkin, it is suppose to be a cat, but it looks more like a bunny. I know, bunnies are for Easter not Halloween, but seriously, look at's off, maybe because I had to super glue "ears" in and half of his face is missing whiskers...only Kristin!!!

Ashley's pumpkin sans duct tape. Notice the dimples...her request...wanted the pumpkin to look like her!!! Also requested the triangle and diamond shaped eyes.

Isaac was the original "asker" of the diamond and triangle eyes...and a crazy mouth.

Alli's owl (or should I say Mom's owl?)! I like the cool looking pumpkins...Jimmy like the "original" pumpkins. The kids just like carving pumpkins. I LOVE the next few months. I love all the traditions and family time. I hope they are as great in real life as they are in my head!!
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Duct Tape and Brady

Jimmy thought it was only fair that Brady get to be the ol' blog and you can see the duct tape pumpkin a little better. For the record, there is a mouth carved under the duct tape...not sure if that makes it better or worse:)!
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Isaac taking his job very lasted about 30 seconds and Jimmy had to finish cleaning it out.

Ash cleaning out her pumpkin...she lasted MAYBE 10 seconds and Jimmy had to finish this one too. Thanks to the already rotting pumpkins, James decided these two were enough, he did not need his own.

Allison actually did a good job cleaning out her a little mad when I wanted to do it. Boy, did I pick the "right" kid to help. I carved my pumpkin earlier this afternoon to make sure I was not distracted and actually helped the kids. I tend to get rather focused...Jimmy does not appreciate this quality!

My pumpkins...all six of them!!! Yes, that is a velvet Christmas dress Ashley is wearing. You know, there comes a time when you must pick your battles. Ashley wants to wear a Christmas dress almost everyday. Why not today?!?!?!?
And yes, there is duct tape on Ashley's pumkin...per her request...I guess that is normal to her!! Don't ask...we would NEVER put duct tape on anyone's mouth who talks to much...NEVER!!!
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Friday, October 24, 2008


Every morning is the same, I listen to Allison talking...nonstop!!!! No, she did not get that "attribute" from her mother!!! We always have to hear the same sort of these words rhyme? do you spell? this a word? Now, I know the right Mom thing to do is listen and respond, but come on, I can only play along for so long. That is when Isaac answers for her. Yes, I know that is a scary thing, but again, I need a little break and she believes all is well!!
Yesterday, we were almost to school when Alli asked if bot was a word. I told her I didn't think so (see, I listened and answered!), Isaac said yes, it is. I again, repeated no, I don't think so. Alli said you know "B O T", like robot!!!! Gotta love it, but it gets better!!
This morning she is sitting at the table eating breakfast, I walk back in to hear her singing the follow:
"Mommy and Daddy sitting in a tree, KISOIMP!" I wonder, is that worse than kissing???
I just love that girl!!! She makes me laugh!!! But more importantly, where does she get this from???
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Puppy Love"

Who says you can only love puppies??? Ash loves sheep, yes, she has "sheep love". We went to to Lewis Farm's yesterday to play and feed the animals and oh yeah, GET SOME PUMPKINS!!! I recommend going there at 3:45pm. There is NO ONE there and the animals are HUNGRY!!! They actually ran at the kids to "have/get" their attention. This sheep might have changed his opinion after this affectionate hug.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall in Love

I was trying to take some (just one really good one!) pictures of the kids. I LOVE fall, the colors, the temperature, the smell...EVERYTHING!! It is by far my favorite season and my kids...well they are also my favorite so it seems only fitting that I take TONS of pictures of my favorite kids in the middle of my favorite stuff. They, of course, had another idea. They would rather play and look at nothing than smile and look at me (the camera). These were a few of my favorites. Thanks to our neighbors, the Noordhof's for letting us "use" their barn. I thought it was very "fall looking". I really liked that picture of Isaac; he looks so old and the colors are cool in it. That's it for now, I am being summons to the basement to deal with a child:)!
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Jump for my Love

There are a lot of things I complain about with Jimmy, but being a Dad is not one of them. He is a GREAT Dad!!! Sometimes, I am very jealous of him as a parent. He gets to come home and just play with the kids. I guess I have to look at the positive he comes home, no I am just kidding, he plays and genuinely loves his kids. I am not a fan of the trampoline, I think it is an injury waiting to happen, but my four kids all think it's great...I guess I am out numbered and should just enjoy it. The kids love it when Jimmy gives them the "bounce". It was a wonderful afternoon to just be and jump!!!
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Bloggers...I need your help

I need a little help from my blogger friends...between "paying it forward" and Christmas I am in need of everyone's mailing address. I realize you should NOT leave that on a comment, so please send your address to Thank you very much!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

OK, let me explain. As I have said SO MANY times before, I have a few issues. My latest is not being "good" at something. I really don't have any hobbies and my life (day to day) consists of my kids, husband, and maintaining the house. I use the word maintaining very loosely. Anyway, I am not at all complaining (well, maybe a little) about my life. I love my kids and husband...laundry not so much, but it must be done. I just NEVER have a moment to even find a hobby. I LOVE to take pictures. I am learning how to use my camera...not in "green square" mode, but actually manually set it up. It has been a lot of trial and error, but I am starting to get it. I also informed Jimmy that I wanted to start to sew. My mom is AWESOME!! I rely on her for SO MUCH, I wanted to remove one thing from her list that she must do for me. I asked/told (bought myself) that I wanted a sewing machine for my birthday. After laughing at me for awhile, me getting upset that I am not good at anything and I wanted a hobby, he said whatever!!

Fast forward to yesterday, I GOT A SEWING MACHINE!!! It was waiting for me on my front porch when I got home. My mom was recruited to come over and help me figure it I said, I rely on my mom for A LOT! She happens to be very sick at the moment and could not come over to help. Jimmy was too busy working on his race car to help. I was FORCED to look/read the directions. It was so easy. I made a sleeve. Yes, a sleeve. I wanted to practice sewing two things together and hemming something. Tonight I did something way better. I made a Christmas pillow. I sewed together 18 squares...nine on each side...yes there are LOTS of mistakes, but I did it! All by myself...even with the crazy kids running around. It was almost therapeutic...crazy at that may sound. They didn't bother me at all. I must also say A BIG THANKS to Jodi. She has been talking to me as I sew...not about sewing, just about life. I am telling you the more chaos, the better I do. I think I just found my stitch...I mean niche:)!

Don't look to was my first attempt...without a pattern too:)!!!!

What do you think???
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Some more samples of yesterday...

This picture is for you, Christina. There really is nothing better than Michigan in the fall, sunny skies in the upper 70's and BEAUTIFUL leaves...I think it might be better than Hawaii...this one week only!!!

Playing around with my photoshop. Love this thing. If you are looking for a free easy to use photo editing program, I recommend picasa. If not, photoshop element is pretty cool. I am still trying to figure out how to do ALL the different things...way to complicated!!!

Oops...I just noticed that we never took off the hook on Ashley costume. How many of you noticed that:)?

Sisters playing...not even posed...I think this might be my new favorite of them. I also like the "warm" version.

Photoshop is cool because you can convert the whole picture to black and white and just "erase" some of the black and white and make it color. That is the fanciest thing I know how to do...impressive I know:)! A program that does countless amazing things and this is what I know. It's a work in progress;)!

*For the record, no butterflies were hurt in the "filming" of this photograph. She let him go right after:)!!!
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