Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, my loves!!!

All in all I think Allison and Isaac's birthdays were a success. They seemed to have enjoyed it and as always got spoiled by everyone. I think we are finally done with birthday parties for the eldest TenBrink kids. We have one more "combined" birthday party with the TenBrink's when everything calms down a bit. In six weeks time, I have all three of my kids, Jimmy and my father-in-law's birthday. Good times!!!

A cute picture of the girls in their matching clothes. I guess I should say coordinating. I am not a big fan of matching, I prefer coordination. Who wants to wear the same shirt for YEARS??? I think it has something to do with being the youngest child. I do reserve the right for matching dresses at Christmas and Easter...come on, I am a mother to girls:)!!!!

Can you just feel the love in this picture??? Allison was going to give him a hug, Isaac felt a little different:)!!!

I am not sure what their wish was, but I wish for them to be exactly like they are. To be confident kids that know that they are loved beyond measure!!! I hope this year they stay happy and healthy. I love my babies so very much!!!
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hula Hoop

Yes, Ashley has learned a new trick and she is beyond proud of herself. She is a hula hooping honey!!! I guess taking the VERY large stance helps and lack of Jimmy's hula hooping genes can not hurt either. If you are ever having a bad day, ask Jimmy to hula hoop for you...guarantee you pee your pants!!!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Allison and Isaac

Did you ever wonder what a "brand new" 7 year old looks like? Wonder no more....

I went to bed last night with two 6 year olds and woke up with two 7 year olds. What a blessing they have been! Jimmy and I were talking about wanting just one baby and being blessed with two last night. It is one of those blessings that just does not get old. Another blessing, that they are still here...alive, functioning, learning, being. Given Jimmy and I are their parents, this really is a good thing. I can only imagine the things we will learn in the year to come. I use to get very worked up when the kids had a birthday. I was sad that they were getting older. I am not sad this year. I am just in awe of them. Every day they are just a little...cooler!! The things they know and continue to learn amaze me, they amaze me. Thanks for being MY kids! Thanks for always being yourself, good or bad. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face because you said some crazy joke that made no sense, you crossed your eyes like a goof ball, you cry because the drama is just over flowing out of you, you play a mean game of wii and ds, you draw a beautiful picture, you read....GREAT, you cuddle with your mom, you make me feel like the BEST mom in the world.
Happy 7th Birthday to my most FAVORITE 7 year old's in the whole wide world!!!!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I think my life is kind of boring, not a lot going on, so why blog about it. BUT my lovely sister and her handsome husband "suggested" that I update my blog.

Yes, my life is boring, but I am totally OK with that. I get enough excitement being married to Jimmy dealing with him, racing and his business. Did I mention that he sells salt in the winter and it "forgot" to snow the month of January and most of February...that adds some excitement!!! Add the crazies to the mix and you have about all I need to keep me on my toes.

We have not done a whole lot the past few months but stay locked up in the house. It was cold and I don't do cold!!! Well, minus having a cold. I seem to do that rather well. It has lingered for the past several weeks, but I do believe I am on the mend.

Spring finally came and we have been trying to enjoy it BEFORE the snow starts again this weekend. My kids are very outdoor kids. They would swing and play in that stupid sandbox all day long. The girls have "grown-up" this year and have decided to start driving Isaac's quad too. They are both doing a great job. In the words of Allison "I only hit one tree on the way to Aunt Jodi's pond!" Yes, I am proud of only ONE tree!!! I decided to take the kids on a walk on Tuesday, Jimmy got Isaac's 4-wheeler out, Allison went "running" and Ashley rode with Jimmy...some walk I know!!! I decided to walk to the mail box by myself. It was such a nice night. I looked at my watch to see what time it was (to make sure I had enough time to get home and get the kids in the tub, this time change thing is killing us!). I went on my solo walk and was gone 7 minutes, yes a FULL 7 minutes. In that time, Ash decided to "learn" to drive the 4-wheeler, Alli hit a tree and Jimmy managed to fall into Aunt Jodi's pond. All of them were screaming "Where have you been?" and "What took you so long?" Seven minutes people!!! You would think Jimmy could have it under control, but no, he is the ring leader!!

(sorry, she was moving and is out of focus)

Ashley also got invited to her first birthday party. She was beyond excited. Thanks Kerri and Addy for the invite. Part of the extra excitement was Jennie and La La Land painting faces. As ALWAYS, they did a wonderful job. She was thrilled that she got to get her face painted and the big kids didn't AND she got to wear it to Lowes and dinner. Oh, the GREAT things in life!!!!

Yeah, life is boring, but good!!!!!