Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Heads are Better Than One

OK, if it is true what they say about two heads being better than one, then what happened here :)? I walked in the girls room and kept smelling this odor that needed to go, but first, needed to be found. Upon further inspection, moving Ashley bed, I found quite a bit of food and sippy cups. The girl is very afraid that one day we may stop feeding she stockpiles!! Anyway, my mom in me (no, not the "mother" in me, but the "Evva in me") decided the only way to really clean is to rearrange. I love hardwood makes moving large dressers and bunk beds a snap. I knew I had limited time to move everything. Jimmy was out in the garage working and I had to have it "completed" by the time he came back in. He does not share my need for change/reaarangement. After eight years however, he is learning to accept it. After I finished with the girls room, Isaac informed me that he wanted his room rearranged also. I told him he was limited, but he quickly responed with where he would like his bed, his cubbies, and his chair. He even informed me where the pictures on the wall should go. How could I not move the stuff???? He is his MOTHER/GRANDMOTHER!!!
OK, back to the picture. The kids sat in there "new" rooms and actually played and PUT STUFF AWAY! For the record, this lasted exactly one day!! Isaac was very excited about being able to see out his windows and wanted to lay in bed and listen to my mp3. They actaully just laid there, sharing the headphones, getting along. What is that? They even let Ash up there with them. Of course, they could not share the headphones. That would be asking WAY to much. Baby steps!!!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What? I can scrapbook?

I know these scrapbook pages need a little "tweeking", but for someone who has not sat down and scrapbooked at her house in years, yes years!, these are not to shabby. It is not as relaxing as I remember it being. Maybe because now I have "helpers". Alli knows the rules, 1) No talking 2) No touching. Let me tell you, I have way to much "inviting" things for rule number 2 to apply and this is Alli we are talking about so rule number 1 is out the window as well. Ash just comes in and touches and talks none stop. At least Alli attempts, granted 3 minutes is her max, to follow the rules. It some weird way, I kind of enjoy them in there. Alli has asked me about 100 times since if we can scrapbook. It is fun to know there is something we can do together that we both "enjoy". I even got her own scrapbook that she colors in more than anything. Typical!
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Building a Snowman

Jodi thought this snowman looked a little out of place...she thought it was funny that we took all of the snow out of our yard to make a snowman. For the record, it does have LOTS of snow around it now...looking to add another 8 inches today! The weather was nice enough to actually be outside (notice Jimmy just in a sweatshirt) and the snow was EXCELLENT "snowman making" snow. How could one resist?? The kids had a great time and I could take photos without my camera fogging up; two big pluses for the mom!!!
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Snow Babies

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I LOVE this little boy with my whole heart. I love how he can be so naughty and I can ask him if he is my boyfriend and he gets the sweetest little grin, calms down, and ALWAYS responds with YES!!! I took the kids to Arby's yesterday for dinner. They had been such good kids all day and we were suppose to eat at my mom's, but Maddy had surgery and Mom had to cancel. The kids were a little bummed out...nothing fast food can't fix! Anyway, I was waiting in line to pay for our food, when I asked the kids if they had seen my boyfriend. Isaac (in a very playful way) looks around and says"No, he's not here." What??? "Oh, I just kidding Mom, I am right here!!" OK, that was cute, but the best is yet to come!! I pay for the food and he tells me the best line EVER! "Mom, did you know that I love you more than Erica and Dad and Brady? All put together!!! You are my favorite girlfriend ever!!" When that boy loves, he loves with his whole heart. I hope he never loses that. He can be just too sweet!!
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Mother Of Pearl

As many of you know, I am trying to like my dog, Brady, He really is a good dog, but very time consuming. Time is something I do not have a lot of. The three (FOUR) children I currently have pretty much consume my day. To throw a dog in the mix who needs A LOT of ATTENTION tends to be a little trying at times. I wanted to find him a new-better-home home, but was vetoed by the family. Poor Alli prays everyday that "Mom lets me keep Brady and doesn't make him run away". Nothing like making me feel like a horrible mom!!! I just purchased a bunch of Golden to relate, train, understand (etc) books that hopefully help us bond. My mom said that getting a dog in the winter is ideal, they go outside and do there business and come back in...they don't want to be cold. I have to say that on most accounts, my mom is correct, but on this one she way off! I am stuck with this dog in my house ALL THE TIME!!! I feel bad having him outside for too long. Thus, I have to watch him like a hawk in the house. It gets old very fast!!!
Yesterday was such a great January day. We played outside, cleaned up Christmas decorations, rode bikes, swung (is that the right tense) on swings, and most importantly...played
OUTSIDE WITH BRADY!!! He chased the kids on their four wheeler, played catch, got hit on the head a few times by the swings, and his favorite...tackled the kids. The kids thought it was great. That is until he tackled Alli without her being ready. Funniest thing I had seen in a while. He just ran full steam ahead knocked her right to her knees. She was laughing the whole time...I promise!!! That is until she got up and saw her knees. Out of her mouth in a very stern and angry way comes "Oh, mother of pearl, you got my knees all dirty!!!" Mother of pearl??? Normally, I know where her "catch phrases" come from...yours truly, but this one, no idea!!! She just marched in the house, took them off and put on her pj's.
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Little Me

Granted, this should not make me proud, but in some wierd way it so does!!!! Jodi gets the "honor" of seeing my panties (yes, panties, for the price I pay for them, they are panties) hang out of my pants pretty much on a daily basis. I always tell her its better than the alternative...crack!!! We have know for awhile that Ashley is built just like her mom. She has got a butt and thighs on her that I know I have seen before in the mirror. So in her defense, it is not her fault that her crack hangs's genetics!!!
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

frozen salad

I picked the kids up from Shelly's on Friday and the weather was awful! I told the kids that I would put a movie on, but they needed to be quiet and not fight. I had to drive very careful. Alli followed that statement up with "It's frozen salad!" Having no idea what she was talking about I asked her what she said, she replied, "We need to drive careful because the ice is frozen salad." Or frozen solid...whatever one you want to say:)!
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