Monday, March 31, 2008

Fat Baby

As I have said in prior posts, I LOVE FAT BABIES!!! They honestly can not be too fat. I just love rolls. Isaac was chubby, but lost it very quickly. Alli never! Ash came out with boobies...and still has them. LOVE IT!!! She is built like her mom (minus the boob thing:)!) and had thighs and a butt. Short and "squatty". In her defense, she has slimmed down a little and she was never that huge baby (that I just love), but she was and is the best Ash ever.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love is in the Air

Saturday, my husband "took" me away for the weekend. He starts racing again next weekend, which will consume the next 6+ months of time. This was our last chance to just get away and "be". The Gilbert's came along with us. I have to say, when we get together there is ALWAYS...GUARANTEED a lot of laughter and fun. This weekend was no exception...thanks Rusty and Bobbi Jo!!! We stayed at Crystal Mountain in a two bedroom condo. Very nice!! The last picture is our view out of our bedroom window. Sunday was the last day of skiing. We did a lot of shopping and eating. The ride to Crystal was the best! I really do not remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did. Just taking pictures of ourselves...corny, but so much fun. It was fun to relax and not have anybody "wanting" anything from you. While shopping, we all got a cookie...just to not have to share it with anyone. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom, but I do treasure my few moments of just being Kristin (and Jimmy's wife!). It was a fabulous get a way weekend. Thanks Jimmy for a special weekend, for holding my hand while we shopped, paying for my stuff:), letting me take photos while you drove, playing cards and letting us win (even though I think this time we really did!)...just to name a few of my favorite parts. It was great...from start to finish! A special thanks to my mom for taking the kids on Saturday too. They had a great time. The slime was a big hit...they have been talking about it all day!
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More Butterflies

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We had a wonderful weekend filled with GREAT FUN things. It is not very often that my weekend is filled with so much excitement that I feel I must share with everyone. First, on Friday, we went to Fred Meijer Gardens and saw the butterflies. If you have never gone to this, it really is a cool thing to do. A little pricey for butterflies, but still SUPER cool. We have taken the kids every year and always have a great time going. I think this year they had the most butterflies yet. They were flying around everywhere. It was 80+ degree, the flowers were blooming (and smelled wonderful), butterflies were was spring if only for an hour. After that, we went to dinner at bd's Mongolian Barbeque. AWESOME!! Thanks to the Stark's it is one of my favorite places to eat. The kids thought it was pretty cool to pick out their food and watch it being cooked. The also got a kick out of using chop sticks! Double the pleasure for the occupied them long enough for us to eat! It was a great family date. We really should go on more of these:)!
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Cute Photo

Just a cute photo from last year...maybe because the girls are wearing cheerleading outfits, maybe because it was taken in May and the kids are wearing shorts and are tan, or maybe I just think it's cute. I think it's a combination!
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Ashley and her friends

As I was looking through old pictures to post about Ash, I came across these. The first one is Brayden, Ashley's twin (born 2 days later!). He belongs to a great mom and my cousin, Kim. The next picture is Lucas. He belongs to one of my best friends in the whole wide world, Kelley. She lives in Florida, but we still manage to talk daily. I just love you Kelley!!! The third is Teagen. She belongs to one of my oldest friends. Not literally, I should say my friend that I have had the longest...Jennie. All of these women are great mom's and are very important to me. It brings a smile to my face to see my child with their child. I hope Ashley develops wonderful friendships just like I have.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The big 0-5

Uncle Keith finds a lot of humor in the big 0-5. To be honest, me too!!! I thought everyone would like to see what 5 year old Alli and Isaac look like. My kids are turning into such BIG kids right before my eyes. If anyone has any ideas on how to keep them little, I would love to hear from you:)! Not that I don't want my kids to grow up and lead big, wonderful lives, it just makes me sad how FAST time flies. It also makes me sad how much I missed and have already forgotten. I realized that the most when I was scanning old pictures into the computer. I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten. My mom even informed me that I had the "birth story" wrong. Everyone left and never held the babies until the next morning. Granted, my parents were back VERY early the next morning (after getting home very does that to you!) I guess the lesson I am learning, treasure every moment! No matter how small, treasure it all!!!!
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Monday, March 24, 2008


The big kids loved the swings from the first moment we put the swing set up when they were less than 18 months old. Ashley was another story. She hated the swings. I mean hated...would not even go near them. Then one day, literally, she decided she wanted to swing and the rest in history. She loves them. She goes out to the swing set in 2 feet of snow and tries to swing. This "story" is so Ashley. It is generally her way or no way. I have no idea where she gets this attitude from. Must be her father!

P.S. Did I mention HOW BAD I WANT SPRING!?~Where are you spring? Please come...I want to play outside!!!!!!!
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Love to Aunt Kate and Uncle Jared

After my morning "blog stalking" aka catching up with everyone, I just wanted to send some love back to Aunt Kate and Uncle Jared. It was very sweet of both of you to drive over. The kids loved to see,play, and talk with both of you and loved the gifts. Thanks for thinking of them.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It is funny. I think I have become more of a "spiritual" person in the last 6 months reading blogs. I mean I have always believed in God and know without a doubt that He exists. I also know that He is there when you need Him the most (whether you realize He is there or not, He is), but I have come across a few blogs that I stalk on a regular basis that have the most amazing people "behind" them. People who are facing some of life's most horrible circumstances, yet are coming through it with such grace and beauty. NEVER doubting God. Their faith is amazing...almost addicting. It makes me want to be a better person, better wife, better mother, better friend, better christian. I hope I can take a small fraction of their faith and use it in my own life. I think today, more than any other day, is a day to recognize that there is a God and to understand that he suffered for us. I can tell you right now, if someone said that one of my children had to die a horrible death for the fate of the world to continue, my responce would be "SORRY ABOUT THE WORLD...I DON'T THINK SO!!!" Seriously, I never really understood the "importance" of that until I had children. A parents job is to protect them, to have to make that kind of sacrifice...I don't know... I hope I can be remember this today and be just a little bit better. Nothing great, but a little better. Knowing that life is not always what you "want" it to be, but really it is so much better!!!!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lucky For You....

Just when you thought the "never ending" Alli and Isaac pictures were coming to an we begin Ashley! Ashley will be three in 2 weeks; so basically, in two weeks, my blog will return to normal:)!

Three is such a big number. Just look at a toy box. Most "big kid" toys will say for three and up! Three and is the official age when a baby is no longer and they become a kid. Goodbye to babies and toddlers. Personally, I think three is a tougher age than two. They are still naughty, they just know they are naughty at three versus two. Oh well, what can you do? Enjoy all that life as to throw at you and remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

By the way, I have to say, I LOVE this picture. Such an innocent it!!!!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grandma's Blue Cake

My mom was kind enough to make the kids their first birthday cake. A cake just for them that they could eat any way they wanted. I guess in my mind, I would have never dreamed that she would make a blue cookie monster cake. The kids loved the blue frosting...notice a word that keep coming up BLUE! It was such a mess, I think we are still cleaning up blue frosting. The kids loved it and we have great pictures of that day. I guess it was a success!!! Thanks again Grandma. Four years later and it still makes Jimmy and I laugh out loud!
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Do you know how often I still see this face? It is so Allison. I think she would have been happier if I were holding her:)!
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Sorry, I could not get these photos in the last blog. The top one is the first time I held Isaac, the bottom is the people still left in the delivery room after Alli's "people" left with her ~ 9 people + Jimmy. I guess they had us covered. Notice, Ericka still holding my leg, she took her job very seriously. Dr. Dirk is starting the "fix" process.
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