Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jesus and Pete

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Another year of VBS, this yeat Isaac did TERRIFIC and passed the "crying gene" onto his sister. What a good brother, don't you think?!?!
They all had a great week. Thanks Kenzie and Hailey for coming too, the girls were very happy that you were there. I was very impressed with how much the kids actually learned. Isaac learned that God loves him even if he is naughty (nice, I know:)!) and Ashley learned that "Jesus and Pete went fishing, but didn't catch a lot of fish". Honestly, out of the mouths of babes...Jesus and Pete!! Love it!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Too Funny, NOT!!

OK, my lovely friend Christina sent me this very cute email that said something like "if you see me in the back of a cop car, what is the first thing that enters your mind that I did?" Very cute and harmless, I sent it on to my friends...
I got a few degrees of answers. I received answers that I stole makeup (damn spending freeze:)!), I beat someone up who spoke/did something bad to my kids, flat out child abuse (thanks Jodi...to be fair, she did see me hit my children with a flip flop at Wal-Mart on Friday) and the overwhelming answer INCLUDING MY HUSBAND was indecent exposure. What? Indecent exposure...what is that????? ♥

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

My sister came up with the grand idea of going to Michigan's Adventure for Father's Day. It has been years since we (JIMMY!) has been home on Father's Day and if you went to MI Adventure with a season pass holder (which my mom and I purchased for the Stratton family) then it only cost $10 a person. Rock on...we were going!!! I could go on and on with all the fun we had and for the most part everyone was really good. Kyle liked to run, but he had a good time...that is all that really mattered. It actually helps me when Kyle is not so good, it makes Ashley be super good so she can say that she is better than Kyle. Bad I know!!!
The big kids rode Zack's Zoomers about 100 times...thanks Grandma and Poppy for riding it with them 99 of the 100 times. The Sea Dragon was also a big hit. Good thing Uncle Jimmy was there to keep Kyle from shaking out of his seat, but by the end, he loved it!!!
Isaac, Jimmy and my Dad rode some ride where they got soaked. Allison was beyond sad that she could not ride it too. You had to be 46+ inches and she was only 45. She just kept saying, but I am the oldest. Poor thing, I guess she just needs to eat more!!! I look and the boys are riding shirt less. Classic sight let me tell you:)!
The Ferris Wheel was also a hit...not for the adult women. Not a fan!! We left the "men" in charge AGAIN!!! Aunt Jodi did a great job taking Ashley with Kyle to ride rides her size...thanks Aunt Jodi...Jimmy and I were too busy riding Zack Zoomers again, and again, and again!! Oh yeah, leave it to my mom to swear on a kiddy ride. In her defense, her and I were riding in the same car together...which was meant for a kid to ride in ALONE...we were already giggling...it was the first ride she had been on in 20 years...certain words are going to come out!!! Poor thing, I never let her forget it rest of the day. Towards the end of the day (on ride like 95), Jimmy told the ride attendant to tell the lady "in the front with the little girl to please watch her language, she had gotten reports of some foul mouths". Lucky for my mom, she was sitting with Isaac:)!!!
All in all it was a fantastic day. I was really happy to spend the day with Jimmy and my Dad. I think my Dad might have had one of the best Father's Days spending it with BOYS!!! For the record, we missed Keith, but he was doing his job solving murders...so we have to be proud:)!
I wanted to spend the day enjoying my family, not looking through a camera lens. Of course once I was there, I was sad that I did not have my camera. Thanks to Jodi for taking pictures, forwarding them to me, and letting me post them here.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day spending their day with some important man/men in their lives...appreciating them for being them.

Daddy with his baby girl!!!

Isaac after riding the water ride and standing on the bridge and getting soaked, Jodi caught this great smile!!! I love this kid!!!

The men and the kids riding the ferris wheel. Doesn't it look like something out of my baby book. LOVE this photo action!!

Camp Chaos

boy cousin love!

Poppy and Grandma love and Ashley looking like Ashley:)!

Jimmy and 2 1/2 of his kids:)!

Alli and her mom. I did not like our teeth so I tried to whiten them, but instead I think they made them worse. What can you do?!?!?

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

#1 Reason Why I Love Michigan

Yes, Michigan has lots of goods and bads and lately, it seems like there are many more bads than goods...including this lovely weather that has included lots of rain (flooding my basement) and cool weather that made me think summer was never going to come. I guess to be fair, I have to enjoy the winter...ice melter has kept me family fed!! Needless to say, I think summer has finally come.

On Friday, I went out with my girls and Jimmy had to take care of the kids. Pet peeve #!, Dads babysitting their children!! I can not stand when someone says that. How can a dad babysit his own child/ren?? Do Mom's babysit their children? It makes me very angry!!
I digress, while the children were under Jimmy's solo care, he took them for ice cream and to the beach. Sounds lovely, but I had ice cream melted in my car along with beach sand and wet clothes in a bag that sat in my car for several days. It smelled wonderful, NOT!! Worst part, I had to clean it all up...heaven forbid he take his truck to do this!! The good of this story is that the kids had a fabulous time and wanted to go back on Saturday. I thought is was a little chilly, but it was actually a perfect day! It is a lot of fun to just sit back and watch the kids. This is the first year that I was not SUPER paranoid that someone was going to drown. Still a little, but not a l0t:)! The kids loved it and it tired them right out. In fact, they wanted to go back on Sunday, but I quickly called Aunt Jodi who informed me that the beach was closed on Sunday. Way to take one for the team Aunt Jodi!!!! Worse than that, I actually never even made the called, just held the phone to my ear...naughty, I know!!!
Some photos for your viewing pleasure. The beaches here are fantastic. Who needs to go anywhere on vacation when we live 3 minutes from this??? Not to mention, I am still on my spending freeze:)!

Happy girl!!!

ALL boy!!!

Lovin' the water!

As many things that Jimmy does that drive me crazy....like taking my vehicle and destroying it...he does so many wonderful things like being one wing ding er of a dad and fabulous sand castle maker!!!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simply Love

To put it simply, I LOVE this boy...everything about him, especially this picture!! I love it when he finds my camera and I "come across" these wonderful self portraits. They get me every time!!!
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Girls Night

I have said it before and I will say it 1000x more, I love the blog world. I may not be the best blogger (especially lately), but the friendships I have made and rekindled has made it all worth while. This past Friday I went out with MY girls again. It had been awhile, but like always, I had a wonderful time. They are all very good at dealing with my crazy issues and making me feel like I really am not all that crazy. Trust me, that is a tough thing to do:)!

Mya tends to get a little red while she drinks, so I thought I would take a before and after picture. Instead of turning red, she just stayed beautiful!

Then the conversation turned to Jennie who asked what the strangest thing in your purse was...I only had my wallet in my purse so I was out of this game. Jennie breaks out the LARGEST paint brush I have ever seen. First, I am not sure why anyone would need such a large paint brush and second, why in the world she was carrying it in her purse. Mandy topped Jennie with butt paste. Maybe they make me feel a little less crazy or maybe they are just as crazy...not really sure!!!

What is the matter Mandy...embarrassed over butt paste or the conversations in general?!?

AND...the lady of the hour...I hope you had a wonderful birthday Theresa!!!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

9 Months

Nine months...that is how long it takes from conception to birth...all the changes that happen to a baby...completely amazing. I feel that same way with the past nine months. My kids have changed so much, I can not even describe it. Yes, they have grow physically, but the mental is just out of this world. They are such different, bigger people. I don't even have the words. I am forever grateful to both Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Terri for giving my children the best foundation I could have ever hoped for. They loved my children through the good and the bad (remember...chaos follows them everywhere they go!). I dropped two of my most favorite people off at school today as kindergartners and I will pick them up as 1st graders. It is mind boggling. I am excited about the new to come, but still can not help but be a little sad of what has been. Life doesn't get better than what it is RIGHT AT THIS EXACT MOMENT!! Right when I get "sad", I am reminded just how great older kids can be. We were at G&L for dinner on Tuesday (just me and the crazies...ALONE!!!) when Allison reads the waitresses shirt "Would you like some fries with that sh sh shake?" The lady thought it was so cute...I thought Oh my God, she just read your shirt! Just like that instantly proud and think I love this stage!!!

First day of school

Get ready for the BIG difference...OK maybe only the Mom can see it, but it is there, I promise!!

I would say they are comfortable in their class:) and themselves. What more could a mom ask for???
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love for Big Jim

I have to send a lot of love out to my father in law. Grandma TenBrink passed away last Friday. I don't care how old or young you are, losing your Mom is not something that is easy to do (not that I speak from experience, but the thought brings me INSTANTLY to tears!). He has been handling it like a champ and still was kind enough to come over a mow our lawn for us. Yes, we do not have a lawn mower...just add it to the VERY long list of things we need to get. In the mean time, Jim has been nice enough to mow and it makes me happy when I pull into the driveway and see my lawn looking half way decent versus a hay field. In payment for his kindness...I gave him some love. What could make a sad grandpa happy but some lovin' from the crazies!!!! He again had to be "nicer" and give them rides (and let some little boy drive himself). Thanks Jim for being you and know we all love you!!!

Isn't that picture just filled with love?!?!?
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Shh..don't tell Dirk!!!

My friend Kurt got married opening night of racing (which meant we could not attend). I was looking at his facebook page and saw this STUNNING photo and had to "steal" a copy and show it to everyone. I would love to give credit to the photographer, but I have no idea who it was...all I can say is they did a fantastic job on this beautiful photo that totally screams Kurt!!
Congrats again!!!
Dirk, don't tell Kurt:)! I am just admiring a photographers great skills!!!
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