Friday, February 15, 2008

The Innocent and The NOT so Innocent

Alli and Jimmy went to their second annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Both of them said they had a really good time. I worry about Jimmy doing "girly" things, but he always amazes me and goes. I have to say, both times, he came home with a smile on his face and a crown on his head. He informed me that he was one of two Dads who actually wore his crown. Go Jimmy! I try to tell him how important these little events are to a girl. He is showing Ms. Al just how she is to be treated by a boy. Of course, Jimmy thinks I am over analyzing the situation, imagine that!, but it is the truth. She is my innocent daughter and I want her to always know how special she is and if a boy does not realize (or treat her that way), then she can MOVE ON!!! Sorry, I get a little worked up when it comes to my girls! And boy too!!

Speaking of boy, Isaac is so Isaac!!! We got our bed in. It is huge!!! I can not believe how much bigger a king size bed is over a queen. Add the "shiny" bedding and the bed looks like something that belongs in the Playboy Mansion. It is still growign on me, I think it might take awhile!!! Nothing compares to Isaac lying on my bed in his "Hugh robe"! The bed, the shiny, is too much!!! Where is the innocent boy? Oh, who am I kidding?? Anyone who knows Isaac knows he is not innocent and he loves the ladies, especially blondes with boobies!!! Another thing Hugh and Him have in common!!!!
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Flowers and Coke

My husband was kind and loving enough to come home from work a little early (5:30) on Wednesday and brought me 12 yellow roses, COKE, and dinner. What a guy?!?!? I am still trying to figure out why. He was sweet the whole night and even painted my bedroom for me (I got a little behind. I had to take Alli to the emergency room. Bladder infection! Normally, they get you in and out in less than an hour, not this time 3 hours later and we were home.) The bedroom needing to be painted is another story in itself...totally Kristin!
Our bed is starting to fall apart. We both decided that it was time for a new one and Art Van was having 3 years same as cash-love it! We went there and found a bed, WAY MORE THAN THE LAST TIME WE BOUGHT A BED!!! We decided why not just go all the way and buy a king size bed. We have children that love to cuddle in the morning and I think a dog that will end up in our bed. Currently, we are holding strong, but I know the day is coming!! Anyway, we bought the bed and have no sheets or blankets for this bed. Keep in mind, I just got a brand new set for Christmas! Which leads Kristin to want to "redo" the whole room. It's Evvie in me!!! Now, we have a newly painted room, new bed, sheets, comforter, and of course new throw pillows. It is going to look so nice. Our room was an eggplant color before, not the most manly or ideal in a room with a little window. Now
it is a very light shade of sage green. I mean light! I am a color girl and when I opened the can of paint, I asked Jimmy if they forgot to add the was that light!!! I will post a photo when it is all put together and we stop sleeping in our familyroom. Jimmy did a really nice job picking out the colors. I am really into blue and dark brown right now. He would not let me do ANOTHER room in these colors so we compromised with the light sage and brown. At least I got the brown. So my favorite color...currently!!!!
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Ok, to back track a bit, I have had a rough couple of days. First Jimmy was sick for 3 weeks, yes 3 weeks. As most of you know, when a boy gets sick the world is coming to an end as they know it, thus he was worthless to me. He spent his days lying on the couch..."trying to feel better". After that, 2 out of 3 kids got the flu and I got a cold that has not yet left me. We also got snow and snow and SNOW!!!! That translates into my husband being extremely busy...working way to much...and again not really being there to help. I know there are plently of people out there who's husbands work a lot and they manage to work and have three kids, but when I wasn't feeling well, these days seem to drag on and on and my patience seemed to get thinner and thinner!!! All I wanted to do was come home and take a nap. If I could just do that, I would have felt so much better...but no such luck!!!

This leads me to Saturday. My husband is yet again working and decides to have three of his employees come over to our house, "to see the place." Granted, this should not be a big deal, but with the prior paragraph, you realize that my house was not in "tip to shape", nor my children or myself, but we managed to make it somewhat presentable. Jimmy goes to his 5 hour meeting and I attempt to rest. That is when I hear a loud noise. I go upstairs to see Brady on the table. Not his paws, his whole 45 pound body STANDING on my table, trying as fast as he can to lick up my large glass of coke that he spilt. Side note, I NEED coke to get through my day...I am totally addicted!!! This is the last glass of coke in the house!!! I begin to cry. Yes, cry! My head is killing me, I just want to rest. The dog is driving me crazy and now I am cleaning up my last bit of coke off the floor and chair. Did I mention, I no longer have coke to drink?! The tears just started coming!!!

That is when my darling son comes up to me and says the lady on the phone wants to talk to you. I look down and see
911. I take the phone and say hello, there is a nice lady on the other end wanting to make sure everything is ok. I tell her yes and ap0logize that my son has learned to call 911 in preschool. She understood and told me to have a nice day.

That is when I had to take a moment...still crying and now think, I was just crying before not yelling at the dog, right? I do not want to see the cops show up and take my kids!! Not to worry, I was actually somewhat calm this time. Yeah!

I asked Isaac why he call 911 without an emergency to which he responds "the lady told me there was an emergency". Hence the lady aswering the phone "911 emergency". I ask him exactly what was said. Isaac responded "She told me it was an emergency, I said hi and she asked to speak to my mom. I told her I would look for you, but I couldn't find you. I thought you were in your scrapbook room, but you were not there". At this point in time, I know they ae sending someone out to make sure everything is ok. He then tells me "I heard you on the the stairs and told the lady you were back and gave you the
phone". Nice!!! Is there a fee for this???

Good news, there were no cops and the kids are still with me! And yes, we did have a talk with Isaac about ONLY calling 911 when there is actually an emergency. Hopefully, he gets it:)!

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