Monday, September 29, 2008

Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

About two weeks ago, a friend from high school (and before!) emailed me that she started a blog for her daughter Emerson, Hi Stef...the blog is great!!! Anyway, I have a tendency to "stalk" other people I find on other blogs. Comments are a great place to "see" if someone might be interesting!!! To be fair, I don't "stalk" anymore, I leave comments when I read a blog. I am not a creepy stalker, I let people know that I am stalking them:)! Again, I digress. On Stef's comment page, I found Hien, another girl I went to school with. I tell this story because Hien had a wonderful blog about good old fashion mail. Mail that has been specifically got/sent just for you. You entered somebodies thoughts and they cared enough about you to write a card, put a stamp on it, bring it to the mail box in hopes of nothing more that to let you know you are thinking of them. How cool is that? I am HORRIBLE with cards. I love the computer, email and blog comment are how I keep in touch, but sometimes (most times!) who doesn't like to just be thought their mailbox and find something other than a bill and junk mail?!?!?

So I would like to thank my friend Jen for such a wonderful card and thank you for the nice thoughts. It brought a smile to my face more than you know! It is nice to know I have good friends who care and think about me. And to all of you reading this PLEASE know I care and think about you...I am just LAZY, but I am going to work on that. Jen, you have inspired me. I think I will pay it forward (and backwards, I will get you when you least expect it:)!) and start to send just a simple card here and there to let people know I care. Watch out!!!!

One last note, please notice how pretty the writing is. She is so talented. To check out other cool things that she has done go to . I sure hope Jen doesn't mind that I did that:)! She really does do nice job!!!!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008


What is this? Several posts in one day...and it's the weekend. Crazy, I know:)!!!! Here are a few photos from the football game, as promised. I do want to clarify what I meant by fabulous photos (prior post on football); I meant the people in them, not my photo. I really enjoy taking pictures, but by no means am I fabulous at it! Just clarifying :)!

If any one of you follow Jodi's blog, you will know what this is. It is the "dreaded" dance routine. Sorry the photo is not better, I was not prepared for this! Let me just say, I think the girls did a terrific job and Jodi should be VERY proud of herself!!! Good job, Jod!!!!

Once again, using my photo editing this stuff!!!! Andrew did a great job. Love his concentration in this photo!

It's all about the Tallquist:)!

That's Andrew on the end, #7! Way to go Drew, you were terrific!!!
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I Might Even Be A Rock Star

I am not sure when Hannah Montana left and trashy 80's rocker came, but hey, that's ok. What is important is that Alli went to her first sleepover, rocker, birthday party and had a fabulous time and I lived to type about it. I would say that is a success!! Twelve girls stayed the night, not sure what Tammy was thinking!!! Alli missed me at around 9:30, but wanted to stay. I guess she fell asleep after midnight (for those of you who know Al, she is a sleeper and has NO PROBLEM going to be early!) and woke up at 6:42!! I know once this sugar buzz she is on wears off, we are in for a treat!!!
Thanks Tammy and Taylor for a wonderful first experience birthday party. We will all never be the same:)!!!
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Anticipation...Is Making Me Wait

You know like the song! So, it is 9:18 am and I am OK. But there is a story, isn't there always a story with Kristin:)! Here it is....
I call Shelly to tell her that I am picking the kids up a little early. I did not want Alli to be late for her very first party. I asked if she was "clean"...that is another story for another day...yes, yet another of Kristin's crazy issues...germs/bugs/dirt! So I pick her up, clean, when Shelly says she has a little dirt in her hair from playing outside. Yes, I do allow that...playing outside, not the dirt in the hair:)! I do not keep them in a bubble (thought I would like to) even on party days!!! As I look further, there is quite a bit of dirt and I start to panic. So I asked Shelly to please forgive my craziness and ask if I can wash her hair before the party. I could not have her going with dirt in her hair, nor did I want the dirt there over night. She laughed and understood! So it's 5:15 when we arrive at the house...late!!! I grab the sleeping bag and pillow, Allison has her teddy bear blanket and present. Back up, all the way there we are going over the "rules" of staying...because she STILL wants to stay...follow the rules, use your manors, DON'T suck your thumb, say please and thank you, no know the RULES. So we go to the door and knock. I think someone says come in. Remember, I have never been to this house, I do know the girl and the mom, but not "like that". I open the door and say "I think someone said to come in I am not trying to just walk in your house!" Tammy comes up the stairs (through silver streamers I might add) which were right next to the door and has this dumbfounded look on her face. I tell her how sorry that I am that we are a little late, I get out of work at 5 and even left a little early, but had to deal with some things, but we are here...she smiles and says "I am glad that you are here Alli, but THE PARTY IS TOMORROW!!!!!!"

What? Nothing like feeling like an absolute butt head! Who does that? Oh yeah, this is so CLASSIC KRISTIN!!!! Of course, Allison starts to cry because she thinks she is not welcome to stay. Tammy (the mom) is nice enough to let her get a "sneak peek" at the decorating downstairs that they were STILL working on. Totally cool...Hannah Montana would be so proud. Lights, a stage, Cd's hanging from the ceiling and there was still more to it!

So Allison is still home with me and I get to do it all over again in a few hours. Nothing like a trial run to get the mom OK with everything...right? I know, I know, only Kristin!!!

Wish me luck...AGAIN!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Baby

I guess to be fair, she WILL always be my baby, but after tonight, she is going to be my BIG GIRL!!! She (in about 1 hour 45 minutes...but no one is counting!) will be going to her very first birthday party and sleepover. I am the bad mom who does not want her to stay, but (so far) I have done a good job not voicing this. She wants to stay and I want her to be happy. It does not make it ANY easier on me. This letting your kids grow up and make their own decisions (to some degree!) is not something that I think is going to get an easier. Who knew this mom thing was going to be so hard/heart breaking/rewarding/fun/challenging all at the same time?
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Oh Isaac

On Sunday we had lazy day. It is not very often that there is not something going on in our lives. Poor kids are stuck with a mom that likes to be out and about. My kids, however, LOVE to be home. They play very well and can always entertain themselves. Such is the case with these pictures. First Isaac came down with no shirt on and marker all over his body...and face...I did not get a picture of this, sorry. He informed me that he was a Rock star and these were his tattoos. I am not sure what the eyebrows had to do with being a rock star, but it's Isaac. He assured me that he used the washable marker and Jimmy told me to relax, "he was just playing!". Why not relax, right? A little while later he came down, body washed and replaced by numbers that Allison was gracious enough to write on him, per his request. He never clarified why he had numbers, but the face stayed!! Jodi came over a little while later a little scared (for lack of a better word) as to why Isaac had marker all over him and no one seemed to mind. It's Camp Chaos...what more can I say. She did remind me that he looked awfully cute and I should post it on my blog. Yes, he was super cute so here you go. Enjoy! Also, please notice the "rocker hair" also done 100% by Isaac...with LOTS of gel! Also, the pictures was taken about 8 hours after the marker was put on...imagine what it looked like when it was first done:)!

Kelley also got the "honor" of hearing Isaac at his finest yesterday. I was talking on the phone (with Kelley, like I just said:)!) when Isaac came up to me to tell me that he sprayed his armpits to make the hair grow. What? "I sprayed my arm pits to make the hair grow Mom." As both of his arms were up in the air and wet, I proceeded to ask him what exactly he sprayed. We went into his room and gave me the bottle of nasal spray for allergies that evidently also makes hair grow...who knew??? I was telling Jimmy about it last night, when Jimmy started laughing. He then informed me that this morning Isaac wanted to know why Jimmy got to wear deodorant and he didn't. Jimmy response, "when you get hair in your armpits, you can have deodorant!" Enough said!
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She did it!!!

Yes, it seems today is all about Ashley. It was not suppose to be, but it happened:)! She did it, she made it the whole day without crying. Doesn't seem like much, but it is wonderful to a mom!!!!
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Puss N Boots

Happy Ashley before preschool. I have gotten smarter, I called for reinforcements. Jimmy and I took her this morning. Ten seconds of tears, Ash telling Mrs. Tozer that she doesn't want her Daddy leaving (Ash LOVES her Daddy), and Jimmy promising to throw her on the bed (no, this is not child abuse!)tonight...everything stopped and a smile was on her face!! Not bad James!!! That is why I bring you along. Not sure what I am going to do on Thursday. I guess Jimmy will have to quit his job and take her to school!!!

I know you are probably wondering what in the world she is doing. Ashley is doing her impression of Puss n Boots from Shreck. You know when the cat looks up with those big eyes all cute and innocent and then bam! naughty...that's Ash;)! The pictures do not do it justice. You really have to see it for yourself...right Mom?!?!?

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Saturday Football

No Saturday is complete without a little football. Both Caleb (Kenzie) and Andrew had football games on Saturday. Can you believe that it was actually too hot to stay for Andrew's? The kids (basically, Jimmy) were ready to go so I have to post pictures of Andrew's game next week. I promise Andrew, Aunt Kristin will take some fabulous photos of you too!!!

Playing around with some different photo options.

True beauty, I must say...too bad she is not mine!!! Thanks again Shelly for watching my kids on a Saturday:)!

The best picture I took all it!!!
Poor Caleb did get hurt in this GREAT play, but went in a few plays later. He did say that his head still hurt that night, poor guy!!!
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2 Reasons...

Two reasons (and there are SO MANY more) why I love my husband...he is a great dad and he loves his kids!!!!
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Monday, September 22, 2008

I have been wanting to go to the beach for quite a while now. We had plans to go on Saturday and before you know it, it's 6:30 and we haven't had dinner. Off to 7Fifty Grill we go. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of the place, but I will say that the wait staff is SO NICE and they get you in and out. It is now 7:20 and we relaize that we have no gas, a quick stop at the gas station, and again we are off. I see the BIGGEST sun in the sky and ask Jimmy if we are going to miss it. "No, Kristin, it is going to be fine and it will be very pretty!" Seven minutes later, we are there and there is no sun!!! It turned very cloudy and the sun was gone. What can you do? Go with it!!!

This is what happens when you bring your husband with you. He does not see the problem with letting the kids go in the water. I have to admit, it in not every September 20th that a family can be playing in Lake Michigan. So off they went into the water. Nothing really above the waist, but the splashing got them all wet. If you look closely, you will see their clothes sticking to them. Classic, they didn't mind!!

Love these shots of their backs. Of course, it was SO POSED!!!!

This would be Allison looking at the camera. Would someone please tell me how I get it through her head that just because her face is "looking" at the camera does not mean HER EYES ARE!!!!

All was great until we had to get in the car. Needless to say they went home in their undies and I have some vacuuming to do tonight!!! Yes, I know I could have done it yesterday, but I just was not in the mood:)!!!
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sneak Peek





Just a sneak peek of the pictures we took at the beach on Saturday...more of that story (and pictures!) to come. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Roger B




This is the building that Jimmy bought. Not the best pictures, but I am so PROUD of all that he has done with his business! Way to go James; I NEVER had any doubts that you would make a success out of this...knock on wood...keep the prayers coming...never any doubt:)!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sorry, again no pictures. I keep forgetting to grab my camera. I actually took several pictures this morning knowing that I needed to update the ol' blog. Of course, I am not sure if anyone is reading this anymore or if they are to busy experiencing life. I for one have been very busy doing nothing, but busy none the less. I am not sure what consumes my time...oh yeah, Alli, Isaac, Ash, James...need I go on?!?

We are all still here. Doing rather well. Alli got invited to her very first birthday party...and it's a sleep over. A SLEEPOVER AT 5!!!! Who knew? I am being classic Kristin, worrying about my kids growing up and having to let them go. It is so hard. I know they have to, but to actually let them do it...a totally different animal. She is thrilled about going to her Hannah Montana party and getting to bring her pj's. Isaac was a little sad that he couldn't go. I explained that it was only for girls and he would be invited to a boys only party when the time came. Ash piped in "I'm a girl, I want to go!" I quickly had to change my answer to 5 year old kindergarten girls are the only ones going. Kids, they are always thinking!!!!

Ash is going through a thing at preschool. She went the first two weeks with no crying and now she can't stop. It is heart breaking. She told me on Tuesday she had to cry because that is what everyone else does there...nice! Today she just was upset. I felt horrible leaving her, but I did it. Mrs. Simon told me she was proud of me, that helped. I am NOT one of those mom's that has to hover over her child. I know she is safe and she LOVES preschool when I pick her up. She is ALL smiles and singing her song with motions. Some kids get intimidated when their parent's arrive and stop, not Ash, she gets better!!! I just wish she had that some love in the morning. I am tired of mom's looking me. I get a little worked up over these kinds of things.

Isaac is doing well. I spends his evening riding her 4-wheeler in Aunt Jodi's pond with his Dad. They are such boys!!! He (and Alli) have gotten in trouble at school, numerous times I guess. I got this info after the numerous times in my defense! I guess the kids are "to familiar" with each other and it is affecting their (and the other kids) learning. I had been questioning whether or not to put them in the same class together. I went back and forth on the issue. Jimmy said WITHOUT A DOUBT put them together. So I did. I must admit, it is easier for me. One teacher, one set of rules, one "thing learned", ONE PARTY OR FIELD TRIP at a time...Jimmy works in GR...I am only one person!!!! Alli informed me this morning that "everyone at school has a bubble around them and you can not get to close and break their bubble 'cause once it's broke, it won't grow back" I Love Mrs. Johnson! she really is a great teacher and the kids love her too. I threatened them and told them if they so much as talked to each other, one of them would have to get a new teacher. I know, not nice, but if you are nice, they don't listen! Trust me!!! They promised...we will see. I do have to note that I have dropped them off the last 2 days kissing them outside and they walked rest of the way into the building by themselves. Today, they never even turned around to say bye again. Two days ago, I had to go in, hold the door, help them with their back packs. Two days ago...what is this...grown up kids are tough on the mom!!!!

Quick update on James, be "re bought" his building on Roger B, I will have to post a really is a great building. He (and Dave) have been working with a contractor to redesign the interior prior to him moving in in December. In case you were wondering what "re bought" was, they refinanced for a TON better rate!!! He is also been extremely busy with salt sales. Yes, salt sales in September. Mark my words, there will be a shortage of salt this winter. Be very careful walking in parking lots. Bulk salt went from $40 a ton to $105. Got to love inflation!! He has sold out of his 15000 tons so I guess all is well...for the moment...

There you go an update of the TenBrink''s always happening!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Toe Jam and Butter"

It is funny to me how different kids can be. I picked the big kids up from preschool for the past two years wanting to know every detail of the day. I would always ask them questions and would get one word answers. I believed the word "played" was basically the buzz word to answer all questions!

Ashley is a different story. I pick her up from preschool and she gets a big smile on her face and says "Mom, you are here!" I am not sure where else I would be...I am not going to leave her there. Oh wait, I do threaten to leave her a lot so maybe she is actually listening to me...who knew...her ears really do work :)!

I pick her up from school yesterday and she starts telling me all about her day, from painting with blue paint, to playing outside, to ringing the bell, to playing with Sheldin's sister (poor Samantha, she has a name!), to eating toe jam (is that even a word?) with butter on it. Wait, what was that???? I am searching my brain database of words that sound like toe jam. I know that they are eating fruit right now and can not figure out what fruit sounds like toe jam. I ask her if she means toast. "Yeah, toe jam with butter". Come to find out TOASTED English muffins with blueberry JAM equals toe jam with butter on it!!!

Did I tell everyone how much I LOVE being a mom to these crazy kids? They do make me smile!!!! Toe jam and all!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Wish

My Wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big
Your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And when you are out there gettin' were your gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
and wants the same things too

Yeah, this is my wish....

... lyrics to My Wish by Rascal Flatts

Yes, I think that about sums it up. I may have experienced the hardest thing I have ever done. LEAVING TWO kids at school...almost three! Allison and Isaac started kindergarten today. It was awful! I actually left my sunglasses on when I walked them into class today just so they could not see me cry. I did really good "sending" Ashley to preschool...Jimmy and I got to stay with her. Thursday will be another day:)! I am so proud of the little people they are becoming. They are a joy to see grow up and accomplish things. I wish only the best for them, but it is hard to let go. The theory is really easy, but the reality is a whole nother animal. From this point on, their influence is beyond my control and the time is just going to fly. I hope they have BIG dreams, the hope there worries stay small (and no one is mean to them, because I will beat up a little kid:!), and above all, I hope they know how LOVED they are...more than words can say...I LOVE YOU ALLISON, ISAAC, and ASHLEY!!!!


* sorry about the photo order. I am doing this from home where the internet is a lot SLOWER...had to make doi with what I have!!!