Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jimmy and Jimmy Jr

As Isaac was getting ready Thursday morning, he informed Jimmy that he had on his "Daddy work shirt and was going to work with Dad". Basically everyday, Jimmy wears an Earth Service and Supply polo to work that is a blue color. Isaac put on his blue polo and was ready to go. He was so convincing that Jimmy actually took him to work with him. Isaac had a ball spending the day with just Dad, no girls! John (a great guy at Jimmy's work) was kind enough to take a few photos for me. Rumor is that these photos are going to end up in Jimmy 2008 catalogue. I spend too much time trying to keep everything equal and fair that I sometimes forget that boys need to be boys and girls need to be girls and that is ok!! Jimmy did say that he would bring just Alli down next...just to keep the mom happy!

Don't you think that Isaac is a natural? I think he is going to be running the place in no time!

Friday, September 28, 2007


This picture does not do the "horrificness" justice!! I dropped Ashley off at Shelly''s and walked out to my car and see this. Of course,I freaked, went back and got Shelly (who thought I locked my keys in my car...don't I wish!). She came out and laughed. LAUGHED and said she needed to get her camera. Thanks to John and Shelly, the bird was removed from my car and everyone gets to share it this moment. If you look closely, you will notice that the bird (according to my sister, a baby turkey) never hit my tire. It was perfectly intact, no blood, just a broken neck. The dumb bird "hung" himself on my car. What kind of bird does that? Does it not know that I am already unstable and I don't EVER need to see that or be a part of that??? Oh, the "horrificness"!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Girlfriends...what can I say??? Every girl has and needs at least one. How can a girl get through a crisis without a girlfriend. I have some wonderful friends that I would not trade the world for. They have children that are and will continue to be my children's friends, but yesterday, Alli had her first true, all on her own, girlfriend come over to play. She was such a sweet little girl, Alli had a little problem being bossy, but she got better as the day progressed. It is cool to see my girl being a girl. Even at 4 they "talked" like girlfriends. The best part was Alli actually was nice to Ashley...thanks to Sheldin. Like I said, every girl needs a girlfriend. Sometimes the best girlfriends are mine!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Strange Sense of Pride

Once again, my children have brought a smile to my face. All of them, in one day, imagine that!!! Alli started my day on the right foot when I heard her reasoning with her brother. Isaac wanted to "make sparks" in his room, she told him he couldn't, he proceeded to tell her he was the dad and he could make sparks. Her reply, without missing a beat, "Well, I am the mom and what I say goes, so no Isaac, you can not make sparks!" I felt a strange sense of pride! Isaac made me smile at church just an hour later. Church was almost over, we were getting ready for offering, you know, that brief moment of silence when the people are walking up to pass out the offering plates, that is when my son looked at his father and asked "Dad is it half time?" This time, his father got to feel the strange sense of pride and everyone else just got to laugh!!! The day could not be complete without Ashley making us proud, as well. Her moment came later in the day when her favorite person in the whole world came over to visit, Kyle Stark. She decided to declare her love for him. She went right up to him and said, "KyleStarks (one word) you are my boyfriend." He was not as receptive and said "No, I am not." Her response, "Yes you are, I loves you, you my boyfriend!" Uncle Keith and I both got to feel the pride of this one. You always hear that kids say the darndest things and it is so true. I hope they never stop making me smile!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Go State!

I am not sure who is more proud, her father or myself. Alli has got the "smiles on lips and hands on hips" thing down!!! Hopefully, her coordination will catch up with her love of cheerleading. Jimmy is more impressed that the girl looks too cute in her State cheerleading outfit. It is fun to see how one little girl can be the "mix" of two people. In so many ways I see her father, but then there is her mother. I think that is one of my favorite parts about being a mom, seeing my childen grow up with the best parts of both Jimmy and I showing through. Yeah, they may be a little crazy and our home is known as "Camp Chaos", but I honestly would not want it any other way...the crazy and the chaos...they get that from their FATHER.
*see more photos here:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Real Deal

As you may know, Ashley has already had her "first haircut" thanks to her brother cutting off her ponytail. We thought it was time to do it "right". While the kids were at preschool yesterday, Ash and I headed to the beauty salon (a.k.a. Clippers Cuts 4 Kids) for the "princess package". They cut off about three inches from the back, basically evening up what Isaac cut off. They put it up in a twist and added some glitter. She did really well sitting still for Ms. Sara. She was suppose to get her nails painted as well, but she just wanted to play with the blocks. It is crazy to me how I am running out of "firsts" with my baby. I guess to be fair, I should call her my youngest child. Oh who am I kidding, she is and always will be my baby...and she knows how to use it to her advantage!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I was getting ready to go Caleb's football game on Saturday, when I hear this knock on the door telling me I have to grab my camera and come quick. I walked outside to find my son riding a 2 wheel bike! I guess he went up to Jimmy and told him that he did not need the "4-wheels" anymore and asked him to take them off. There was no afternoon spent hanging on the the back of the bike, running up and down the road. It was just can you help me get on and off he went. The only problem he had was stopping...oops, we forgot to teach him that part first. By the end of the weekend, he got starting and stopping down!!! Alli was the first to run up to him and give him a hug and tell him how proud she was of him. This coming from a girl who barely rides a bike with training wheels (in the words of Alli, "I'll just run!"). Once again, Isaac has amazed me. Everyday he seems to be more of a big boy than the Isaac I knew a day ago. Everyday is an adventure when it comes to that boy, but it is so an adventure that I LOVE taking!!

Tinkerbell is that you???

Ashley is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween this year. Not when we walk (way to cold for Tinkerbell), she is going to be Thing 1 along with her favorite cousin, Kyle, who is going to be Thing 2. Needless to say, I think she is going to make a great Tink. Trust me, she has the attitude for it and the cute look, if I do say so myself.

First Day of School

I can not believe that my "babies" are going back to preschool. They are so excited to be back in school with Mrs. Simon. This year they go three times a week, which allows me to spend Wednesday mornings with just Ashley. Ashley and I have not had that much time alone, EVER!!! They just grow up way to fast.