Tuesday, January 5, 2010

snowy days

What can I say...the weather here has just been terrific!!! NOT!!!! What can you do when it is freezing cold outside and it just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing....and your husband has a giant smile on his face and says pennies from heaven...ENJOY it and take the kids sledding!!!
Yes, that would be Isaac's naked foot. I swear those kids' boots eat their socks!!!!

Ashley and her "normal" sitting style.

Even a crazy dog to go with the chaos!!! He loves to be outside, throw in snow and some kids and his world really does not get much better:)!!!

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All Mine

I know I said I would "try" to maintain this blog and I am going to do that. I do not have my camera with Christmas pictures here with me at work and this morning was completely waisted with Ashley's help here at Northland. So I went with some pictures of the most handsome man I know. Sorry ladies, he is taken!! Mine, all mine!!!

Pure evil!!!
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