Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hope you feel better Jennie...

This is for my good friend Jennie, who has been under the weather for quite some time. I hope this "marriage cake" of Barbie and Davey Jones brings a smile and some laughter to your world. Feel better soon!!!!
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Party x 3????

I think we are up to the third birthday party for the twins. Good news, I think we are done!!!! Uncle Jared and Aunt Kate were kind enough to drive up (over) from Detroit to spend some time with family at one of my favorite places bd's Mongolian BBQ!!! Yummy!!! After that we went to Jimmy' s work to have a look around, open presents, and have cake!!! It was a nice afternoon spent listening to three kids play their flutes (thanks Jim:)!) and hearing them scream thanks to their father chasing them around and Aunt Kate and Uncle Jared "keeping them safe"! Throw into the mix, the girls putting on their new bathing suits in a building that is 60 degrees and you have an idea of our afternoon!!! Glad everyone could make it...it meant a lot to the kids. Thank you!!!

Aunt Kate and the girls
Uncle Jared and Aunt Kate and the crazies

Grandma TenBrink and the kids

I love this picture of Jim. He got a mohawk and it looks really good! I hope he keeps it!!! Picture does not do it justice.
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Totally Rad Productions...

Ok, I am really obsessed with these Totally Rad photo actions (for the record, that is what they are called, not what I am calling them...but they really are totally rad!!!)

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Happy 6th Birthday!!!

Happy 6th Birthday my favorite big kids!!!!!
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Worth Every Penny

A few weeks ago, my friend Jennie suggested that we go shopping. It does not take a lot to convince me that shopping is a necessity!!!! So the fab five girls were on it...until life happened and Mya could not come...we missed you Mya!!! Anyway, the four of us went and had a wonderful time eating and shopping. Literally, that is all we did for 14 hours. Life doesn't get much better than that. We went to IKEA and a scrapbook store and overall I did not spend too much. I had several things I wanted to get for IKEA; you have to buy it at the store...shipping is CRAZY priced!!! On the way home we stopped at the outlets in Kensington. BIG MISTAKE!!! I love it here! We only went to 3 stores and I managed to spend a lot money. In my defense, things were cheaper, I had no kids to yell at and most important, my kids needed spring/summer clothes. Those children never listen to me....they just keep growing:)!

I will let you be the judge.

We had to try the dresses on and take a few pictures....worth every penny...especially Allison. She LOVED the hat!!! The dress, hat, purse, shoes...everything matched!!! Love it!!!

Love this picture of the girls. Allison has never really been the loving older sister. Even when Ash was a little, Isaac was the one who loved on her not Alli. She never not liked her, she was just never really affected by her...good or bad. She is the Tude, what can I say????

Ashley looked more like a bag lady, but still cute!!!

This was not the photo I meant to upload, but you get the idea...too cute!!!

OK, here are some more pictures of the kids that I took with a little "photoshopping". I REALLY like that 70's look to photos. Something about it is just too cool!!!!

I don't know why I love this hear no evil, speak no evil, say no evil so much! It just makes me laugh, probably because these three are so EVIL!!!! It is tough to have angel wings and devil horns at the same time!!!!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oops He Did It Again...

Yes, it seems I am married to a celebrity once again.

Check it out. I am so proud!!!


It will be Spring SOON!!!!

And we will see lots of this....

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Isaac's Birthday Party

As much as it pains me to admit that Isaac could possibly have a wonderful time (birthday party) without his mom; he did!!! I am very happy that it was the awesomest birthday party ever, just I will have to make sure I am there from now on...to at least take pictures!!! They ate pizza (anytime for 3 hours), played video games, drove bumper cars, go-carts, and played laser tag. Yeah, it was an Isaac birthday all the way!!!

Thanks Rusty for a great picture of Isaac having the time of his life!!! Finally tall enough to do it on his own!!!!

Opening presents...thanks everyone. Isaac loved them all!!!

Isaac and Jimmy self portrait!!!

At the end of the party, the birthday boy gets to spin the wheel for a prize (tickets, stuffed animal, another ride etc). Isaac won a stuffed animal. He picked out a large snake for the example on the wall. My dad took him over to claim his prize and they handed him a little snake...about 1/3 the size of "example one". Anyone who knows my dad, knows that this is not acceptable. This is the man who does not pull ahead at McDonald's when they ask him to...his response "this is fast food and I want my food fast!". He does have a point!! He has calmed down SO MUCH since becoming a Poppy, but the "prior self" came out when someone was going to cheat his grandson out of his snake. No keep in mind by this point, Isaac has the small snake, loves it, has it wrapped around his neck, named him Poison and is ready to go. My Dad is still arguing with the people over not getting the snake he deserves and if they do not have the large snake than they can just give him the "example snake." Jimmy assured Poppy that Isaac was fine and it was time to go. I do love to see my dad get fired up over something....

~I warned you Jimmy is not the best picture taker, but he did pretty good. Thanks for being a GREAT Dad James and taking Isaac to be a boy and have a boy party. It meant the world to him!!!!~
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies...

My babies are officially 6 today. I am so filled with emotion. I really have no idea why I get so worked up over birthdays. I just do. I love that they are getting older and I love thinking of all that has happened in the last 6 years. Isaac woke up this morning and I was talking about what we were doing 6 years ago right at that moment. They both really love to hear the story of "them". I was telling him that we was born in the middle of the night. Allison at 12:51 and Isaac at 1:46...AGAIN, I will point out that there is 55 minutes between them...no 2nd one sliding out:)!!!!! I mentioned to Isaac that no one is allowed to mess with me in the middle of the night (yes, all motherliness leaves me from the hours of 11-7...not a good time for Kristin) and he responds with, "Why didn't you just pop us out earlier????" Excellent question, I would have loved not to be in labor with those lovely children of mine for 18+ hours. Why didn't I think of that??? Who knew I could have just popped them out on command?!?!?

Here is the first official photo of Allison Marie and Isaac James...

Allison did not want to come out of the test tube. It took them 3 times of trying to get her out (when they were placing the embryos in). We knew right then and there that "it" was a girl with an attitude. Imagine that, we were right on!!!
Isaac was active from day one, bouncing all over while Alli just was there. Again, not much has changed.

First Birthday Picture...

Allison is wearing a 6-12 month dress that is WAY to big. Isaac is in a 12-18 month shirt that he wore just for pictures...it was way too small. I love how as things change, so many things stay the same:)!

Just a cute photo for your pleasure ( 9 months)

I just love these two little people so much. Words can not express all the love I have for them. I believe everyday God had/has a plan for me and that these two little people were 100% meant for me AT THE SAME TIME!! They bring a smile to my face with the little (and the big) things that they do/are. They are bright, healthy, fun loving, lovable, exciting, fascinating, trouble-finding, GREAT kids...just to name a few.

I really do love you a little more each day. Happy 6th Birthday Allison and Isaac.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Allison's 6th birthday party

Allison had her girls only party at Clippers. If you ever want to have a great GIRLY party, I would 100% recommend this place. Andy was terrific, from start to finish, she really made the girls feel like princesses.

Sign when we first walked in. Al loved it !!!

The girls prior to hair and make-up.

Allison's finished product

She is such a girly girl, can you tell????

The other princess TenBrink

Geez, I think I should have gotten my hair and make-up done as well...lookin a little rough!!!

Thank you girls for coming. Allison had the best time being a princess with all of you. I do have to admit, she really liked sitting in the "princess chair", while her "subjects" sat at her feet.

Allison and Bailey

Allison and Hailey

Allison and Kenzie

Al and Ash

Fun times!!! Don't worry, Isaac had a wonderful party too. In his words, it was the "awesomest birthday party ever Mom. Just next time, can you and Alli come?!?!" Love that boy. Jimmy took some pictures (Jimmy quality:)!), I will get them on here tomorrow!!

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