Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting Ready For Camping

This weekend was mainly spent getting the motorhome ready for MIS. Can't wait to go!!! It is amazing how much work is involved in getting a motorhome ready every year. We were suppose to go camping with a lot of our friends over Memorial Day, but just had ZERO time to get anything ready. I need at least 28 hours in a day. Is that too much to ask? I am sorry that we did not go...missed seeing everyone...hope you all had a wonderful time! Anyway, I spent the weekend empting out the motorhome, washing everything (both stuff I could wash in the washing machine and the motorhome itself). If anyone has any ideas how to get the "smell" out, please let me know. It is not BAD, it just is not good. Everything (aka blankets) smell like it! So, the motorhome is basically empty at this point, the kids are LOVING their new "home" and Jimmy tells me to come quick..with my camera! I walk outside and see the photo above. Now, you my not notice at first glance, but Brady is in the window. Not just "paws in the window", the whole 90 pound dog.

Sorry about the glare, but as you can see, poor Brady thinks he is a cat laying on the dash on the motorhome!!!

It didn't last long once we got out there, I think he thought he was going to get in trouble. I was waiting for him to fall right out the window!!!
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Weekend Projects

I had a very SUCCESSFUL weekend when it came to projects. I got so much done!!! I finally got the girls' room trim and doors painted. It was a yucky cream color...gotta love spec houses neutral color! Now it is pretty white. I know, I HATE white trim, but I am not replacing all the trim and window casings with a stained wood, nor am I stripping anything. So this is lovely enough for me! I also got all of the hallway trim "repainted" and around the windows in the dining room and Isaac's room. I am not sure what the kids do, but I can not clean the dirt off, I have to paint over it! What is that all about?
I also got the outside basically done. I got the shutters, the doors, the bench, and even the cement floor of the porch painted. The pillows added some color, now I need to find something bold and red for the door. The ferns hanging do not add anything!

Still waiting on the trim for the living room and my room, I know it's coming! Beggers can't be choosers:)!!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Is This SUPER Cute Boy???

Wait a second...I think he belongs to me:)! Isaac, you are one cute kid...snot coming out of your nose and all!!!!
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Last Day of Preschool

A few pictures from the last day of preschool. I have some funny pictures from the weekend that I will have to post later...left my camera at home. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I can't believe how much we got done! YEAH!!!!
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Friday, May 23, 2008

What Was Mrs. Simon Thinking?

So I get to school on Wednesday and Mrs. Simon "informs" me that the action will take place at 10:45 and thought I would want to get some pictures of the event. What? What action? Painting Mrs. Simon's car...yes, that is right! Everyone got a bucket of paint and brush and painted her car.

Isaac was in his glory. Of course, Mrs. Simon did need to go over the rules, no painting the mirrors, license plate, or lights. Anything silver or black was free reign. MOST IMPORTANT NEVER PAINT ANYONE ELSE'S CAR!!!!

One little boy asked if he "could paint the bottom of the car?" Mrs Simon said sure...which led to several children...Isaac crawl under the car and start painting.

Alli treated it like a masterpiece~with great detail. She thought this was the coolest thing ever!

Classic, she got confused...were we painting a car or ourselves? Only Al!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nesting...Not just for birds and pregnant people

I am not sure if it was the long winter or what, but I am having a bad case of "nesting". NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! I am just sick and tired of clutter and dirt. I want everything clean and "new". It is my mother in me. I start one project and it looks so good, that leads to several projects (at one time) to get done. I will have to post pictures of the various projects I have started...none of them actually complete...yet!!!

I have Isaac's room basically done, just need to hang the curtains.

Just got the remaining butterflies up in the girls room, just need to clean out the closet and finish hanging the princess "things" in their bathroom.

Hallway bathroom in painted with the new shower curtain, just waiting on Jimmy to put in the new floor. Common on, the bath room is like 5x5, how hard is it?

The hallway trim and doors need a fresh coat of paint. I HATE white trim!!!!

The kitchen is almost done. That is a story in itself. It was not my intention to do the kitchen, but the stove blew up...right before the Daddy Daughter Dance and we needed a stove. The only thing that was available to take home was stainless steel. Well, I can not have some appliances stainless and some white so that led to all new appliances. Except for the microwave which I plan on purchasing once I get my rebate card from Lowe's (from the purchase of the stove and frig).

The dining room is done...I think! Maybe some accessories to brighten it up.

The mudroom...done...just needs to be cleaned.

The office/laundry room...we don't want to go there. Who has an office with a laundry room? It is not my fault I can't get this room "right".

Last weekend, I painted my shutters and all man it! Painted to floor of the porch...stupid dog scratched it up! Got 4 yards of bark all around the trees, flowers and in the burm. Basically done, just need some flowers to "pretty it up". Yes Colleen, I will out to see your husband!

The back yard is scary, the grass is not doing so good and I am trying to talk Jimmy into building a new deck. I don't even have my patio furniture out yet.

The family room is in need of trim, but we have managed for the past 3 years, but I do have an end in savior, my Dad. Yes, he is the man who can fix ANYTHING!!!

My bedroom, same as the family room...three years no trim. BUT SOON! The good news, it made changing the color of my bedroom and family room the last few months really simple!!!

I am not touching the bathroom...this is Jimmy..he wants to redo to bottom...his words not mine!

There you have it...lots of projects..nothing done, but the potential to be really cool:)!

It Was a Successful Day

Alli had a very successful day at soccer on Saturday. She got to hang out with her new friend Krista...aka hug her new friend and MOST IMPORTANTLY...she scored her very first goal!!! No, scoring a goal is not important (well, kinda it is) to me as long as she is having fun and doing her best, but I have to say I am so proud of her!!! And she was so proud of herself. What more could I ask for. In fact, she almost scored two goals!

This is not a picture of the goal, but of her practicing before the game. No, I am the mom who was to busy watching to actually take the picture. It is so hard taking pictures and watching the whole's not my fault:)!!! I am working on it!
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Family Photo

Do you see anything wrong with this photo? I just wanted to get one family photo. I got a cool frame that the kids sang on and wanted a family photo to put in it. It was Mother's Day and I knew I would get what I wanted:)! Well, we set the tripod up, got everyone on the sofa and this is what I got. Isaac being we will try again!

Is this really better? I think so, but come on! He is so his father. We will try one last time before being late for church.

At this point, I have given up. What is so difficult about smiling? It is not like the kid doesn't get his picture taken 500 times a day. Please Isaac, just one picture for my frame. Ok Mom! Here you go...

Not bad! It is in the frame and I am happy! Happy Mother's Day to me and all of you mothers out there. Enjoy your family!
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Happy Mother's Day

The THREE reasons why NO MATTER WHAT, I will always have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! Three healthy happy kids...what more could I ask for??? Happy Mother' Day to everyone. Hope is was a great one!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

For the Record...

For the record, I would like to reiterate what my very intelligent friend Jennie said (in so many words). After my husband read my last entry he pointed out all of my mistakes (spelling and grammar), I informed him (thanks, Jenn) that these are my thoughts and feelings and that anyone reading this must know the same thing. I am treating this blog like my journal...who goes back through a journal entry and spell checks and checks for grammar (well, minus you Jodi:)). Not me! So, I hope anyone reading this blog does not get lost when I type the wrong word or just completely spell it wrong. I try my best, but I know there are LOTS of mistakes. Please understand. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

32 Reasons

This idea was completely stolen from Nitty Gritty, but she did say it was our "assignment" to I am just following orders:)! She said to write down a list of things you love about your spouce so here it goes is no particular order

1. You can make me angrier than anyone, but love me more than anyone!

2. I see you with your children and love you more...even when I thought I couldn't possible love you more than I did.

3. You make sure that I get to hear the National Anthem before NASCAR races (knowing that is my favorite part!)

4. You race racecars...HOT!!!

5. You look FABULOUS in your again HOT!!!

6. You get me a glass of ice water every night before bed

7. We have a t.v. schedule that we try not to break~ watching the same shows TOGETHER!!

8. You kick my butt at wii boxing...and let me throw my fit about you cheating!

9. You are very handy and in most cases can fix any "project" that I start and screw up

10. You make a mean steak and burger on the grill

11. You let me hold your hand in the car~sometimes:)!

12. You don't like kissing...that is how babies are made:)!, but do it anyway

13. You own your own business and are making it work even in today's economy because you set your mind to it!

14. You have the BEST smile and butt EVER!!!

15. You understand that I am a little crazy and need to be in control and are ok with it

16. You are helping coach T-ball, a sport you have NEVER played

17. You cuddle with your kids when they have bad dreams/don't feel good

18. You cuddle with me and let me have the inside

19. You rest your "heavy" hand on me and all is well with the world

20. Your "magical" chest that puts me to sleep every time

21. Your one liners that make me laugh

22. You get mad at me for not cooking, but deal with it:)!

23. You let me talk to you while you are going to the bathroom:). It really is the best time...your stuck there listening to me

24. You cried at our wedding...after trying to sing to me...does it really get any better than that???

25. You helped me through the worst couple of years of my life only to have found my true best friend and world's greatest Dad (well, next to you Dad, if you are reading this!)

26. You were an excellent birthing coach, minus the issue with Ashley, I could not have done it with out you

27. You are very level compliment my "non-level headedness"

28. You keep our lawn top notch...not the back yard so much, but are working on it!

29. You generally let me have what I want. We have to have a discussion on wants and needs first, but in the end, I get it:)

30. You let me have an opinion and are ok with me having a different thought that you

31. You tell me about your day...really tell me...not just speak to me, but talk

32. You still haven't finished the's classic!

This is just a sampe of the reasons I love you...there are so many more, but I had to stop...for now!!!

Happy Birthday Jimmy

How Jimmy feels about being 32!

How Jimmy feels about getting birthday presents!

Happy Birthday to my crazy fabulous husband! I am going to take the advice of one of my blogs that I stalk and write down 32 things I love about James. It will be in my next post. I have to work for a little while:)!

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Monday, May 5, 2008


We had our first T-ball game of the season. It was so much fun!! Isaac has a hard time "just being" so I was a little concerned about his attention spain playing t-ball. I have to say, all in all, he did really good. He said he had a great time. I guess that is what counts. I had a fabulous time watching him. It was the first time having "two" big kids. Getting Alli to soccer, than Isaac to T-ball and pictures proved to be a little challenging when it happened at the same time. So much easier when they were "together". I guess that is what parent "team work" is all about. No other person I would rather be a "teammate" with than Jimmy!!!
For the record, Alli assisted on a goal...close, but the other kid actually kicked it in. She was happy with helping. Uncle Keith watched her and was very proud with how aggressive she was. Good job Alli; what a difference a year makes!
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thanks Kurt!

I have to tell Kurt thanks for such an AWESOME job on Isaac's batman wall decor. Classic, Isaac found a batman bedding set in Pottery Barn that he had to have. I thought I could get him the pillow case with the batman signal and call it good. Upon further looking, I notice the "Gotham City" buildings on the wall. Simple buildings BUT CRAZY PRICED!!! I thought, Kurt can make these...cheaper and better!!! I asked for his help (side note, Kurt is awesome...he has designed Jimmy's and Northland's logos). He informed me that he had a connection at Pottery Barn and I could get it for 40% off. YEAH!!! I told Isaac we were getting it and the city.
All was well until Kurt informed me the girl had been fired. Great! Now I have to buy it at full price! It is cute...crazy priced...but so Isaac. Kurt got busy doing his "real job" graphic arts/design/race car design ect, so I let it go. Jimmy came home this weekend with it done. We hung it yesterday. LOVE IT!!!! The original design was just buildings. Kurt's has smaller building but a 5 ft batman signal and to a 5 year is all about the batman signal!!! I will have to take a photo of the finshed room to show how cool it all looks together. LOVE IT!!!! Thanks again Kurt. The picture does not do it justice, the buildings go down the full 14 foot wall. It is just too cool!!!
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