Friday, November 30, 2007

What the?

I was so excited about the kids school pictures. I have banned Penney's and really wanted to get a "professional" picture taken of the kids. I even went as far as getting Ashley's picture taken too. I wanted the backgrounds all to match hanging on the wall. Ash was the first picture of the day. They snapped a picture (to get the camera ready) and then took another cute one. I know, I saw it on the camera screen. The pictures were suppose to be back prior to our vacation, but their computer system had some errors. Some errors is right. They printed the "ugly" picture of Ashley and put Alli and Isaac in front of a blue background...not the traditional grey like I had wanted. So now I have a super ugly picture of grey, 2 BLUE pictures of the big kids. Mrs. Simon (the teacher) knew this is not what I wanted and called Geskus to see about retakes because yes, they were "retaken" while we were in Florida. They apologized for an errors and said they would be happy to retake them if I wanted to go to their studio in Grand Rapids. Tell me, when do I have time to get three kids "prepared" for photos and drive them to GR?????I am writing this so everyone knows when they get these pictures in their Christmas cards that I am not the freak Mom who made a girl in a brown sweater and a boy wearing an all blue shirt have their picture taken in front of a blue background. I also want everyone to know that "Chunky Monkey Ashley" really is not quite that's just a bad picture. What is that they say, the camera adds 10 pounds?

Check out my Slide Show!Meeting Cinderella for the first time

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have no idea what possessed me to decide we needed a puppy. I guess I like to "challenge" myself. We went to Thanksgiving at the TenBrink's and Jared and Kate's baby, Annie and the TenBrink's baby, Pebbles were there and the kids played with them and thought they were great. It was a little chaotic, (sorry Jim, Cheryl, Jared, and Kate) but so much fun to see the smiles on the kids faces. The next day we went to get a Christmas tree for Jimmy's work. When we got to the office, I decided a puppy was something we should consider. Long story short, 8 pm that night we were driving home with Brady. At the time his name was Stewart (after Tony Stewart), than George, Bless You (yes, Ash wanted to name him Bless You), Harley, H.D., Lucy (leave it to Alli, she could care less if he was a boy, she really wanted a dog named Lucy). He has been a really good puppy. Isaac had found a new best friend. My only complaint(S) are every shirt Isaac has worn since Friday now has holes in it, I have my eyes on this puppy at all times...trying to make sure he does not pee or poop, and I DON'T SLEEP. As stated in prior entries, I NEED SLEEP!!! I love to sleep and I have to have it. I think having a baby is easier. Maybe because I was off from work and those first few weeks were such a daze, but this SUCKS! He is getting better. After having a "mini melt down" yesterday, Brady went out last at 10pm, slept until 4:30, Jimmy took him out (yeah, I did not have to get out of bed!) came back in and slept until 7am when I woke him up! Not bad. Right now, after my 8 hours of sleep, I am glad we have this dog! I think this is a great thing for the kids, someone to play with, to love, to learn responsibility. I also like the idea of having a dog were we live. Hopefully, I can get through the next couple of weeks and CALM DOWN and start to enjoy this little guy instead of feeling like he is just adding too much to my plate! If any of you have any great ideas on how to "raise" a good dog, I would love the suggestions.


I know, I know, I should have updated this long ago. Please forgive me. This entry is going to be short, but I promise to make up for it...hopefully, this weekend. Yes, we made it back and safely. Minus losing Ashley at MGM Studios, all went really well. Ok, I said that rather matter of fact, because to think about it makes me want to ball. It has taken me 1 week to stop dreaming about it. But, enough about that, we are here and great and actually have a plus one. Camp Chaos just was not chaotic enough as is, we had to add a puppy to the mix. Let me tell you, I think he is more work than a baby. The big kids love him, Ash is learning to like him, Jimmy is head over heals for the little guy, I think he is super cute, but a lot of WORK! I am not a fan of pee and poop in my house and I have way to much to do to be watching a puppy and getting my stuff done. Jimmy keeps reminding me that it will get easier in just a little while. It does help that on most days he takes him to the office with him. Oh yeah, the puppy has a name...Brady. Sir Brady Jax of Camp Chaos to be exact.

The vacation was a lot of fun and so needed. We had a very busy time. We went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Daytona USA, Cocoa Beach, Epcot, Disney World, Animal Kingdom, and MGM. We also had a day be the pool at the hotel. Kelley and Lucas came to visit, but the poor guy was shivering so bad. I felt so bad for him. Our hotel was great, about 20 feet from our window were giraffes. The only bad thing I have to complain about was how RUDE people were. It was NOT the happiest place on Earth. I guess there are rude people everywhere and you just have to be happy that you are not like that. I promise to put a picture and entry for each day, but now I must go.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Isaac's Dream Come True

Ok, we got to Universal Studios...a little to the Daytona thing! We pulled in and they told us because we were driving a blue car for $2.00 more they would valet park our car (in obervance of Veteran's Day, they were stopping red, white, and blue cars). That alone made up for the lost time. We no more get into Islands of Adventure and Wolverine is just hanging out. I grab my camera and Isaac, totally excited about this oportunity...and Isaac starts to cry! CRY! He did not want to get his picture taken with Wolverine and either did the girls. What is this? We have been talking about this for months and we spent all this money just to see these characters. I, of course, got upset, not mad, just sad, but did amazingly well:)! We decided on trying again and buying an autograph book. Spiderman came over and spent a good 5 minutes just talking to Isaac. He was HEAVEN sent!!! He told Isaac that he was his "side kick" and all of the superheroes were going to need his help. He had to always do the right thing and above all, be nice to his sisters!! From that point on the big kids were all about getting their pictures taken and getting autographs. All until Storm and Rogue...they were girls...he wanted their autograph, but could not get his picture taken with a girl! Ash started out great, in the picture above she is "shooting webs like spidy man". I think this is the only picture I have of her with a character. She did not care at all from this point on. We all just had a great time. Universal is not Disney, but everyone, especially the characters, were so nice. Also, for the record, the Spiderman ride is pretty cool...the water spraying you, the fire, Jimmy and I are still trying to figure out how they make you feel like you are falling...too cool! Too cool in fact for Isaac, who did brave it two times to ride with his mother and father...and both times did not like it. The girls did not get a vote...too short!!! I can only imagine what tomorrow holds...Dora, Diego, Sponge Bob..oh my!

Daytona USA

We went to Daytona USA on Sunday and had a great time. I must confess, we were only going to make Jimmy happy. I thought if we did this first, he would be happier with the rest of the time doing what we wanted. I have to admit that we ALL had a wonderful time. We bought "hot passes" and got to do EVERYTHING at Daytona; we went in the infield, the garages, the infield "Bistro", the press boxes and the Frances' personal box. To most of you, this is nothing, but to a huge race fan, it doesn't get much better. Isaac and Alli got to do some race simulator thing that they thought was great, Ash and I got to go shopping. Speaking of the simulator, Jimmy "flipped" his car and rolled it 10 times, in so doing, lost his cell phone. Of course, he did not realize this until today, so back to Daytona we went. Which actually made me really happy. Whenever we go on vacation, we like to buy an ornament to remember the place or event. We thought about it on the way home yesterday. It was like Divine Intervention...I got my ornament!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

We Made It

We made it! The whole process was SO EASY!! I can not believe it. They were so good, going through security was a bit long, but they did great. Ash fell asleep as soon as we got in the air and the big kids watched a movie on Jimmy's computer. People actually commented on how well behaved our children were. See...this new, calm, patient thing is really working for me and the rest of the clan. Do I see a name change for the "camp" soon????? To soon to tell!!

Here we come....

It is 5:11 AM, yes, AM! For those of you who know Kristin, I am not an early riser. I sleep in until the very LAST second, hence showering at night. In other words, I am very lazy. However, today is a different day. In about 1 hour, we will be on the road to Florida. Yes, FLORIDA!!! I have so many emotions going through me right now. I am a big person on having an "idea" in my mind on how something should go. If it does not go that way (for the record, it seldom does!!), I get VERY disappointed. I planned this trip at the end of spring with our tax return money. Jimmy was working ALL the time and racing in his spare time as an outlet. I understand outlet, but sometimes, most times, it got old quickly. That is when I decided I had to have something to look forward to...time with my husband and kids! I wanted a vacation that was all about them. A week to be the mom who said yes to everything versus no. The mom whose priority was her kids and husband, not the laundry and dishes. They needed this and I NEEDED this. Then I thought, I have no idea when we would be able to do this again. I am not a big fan on taking the kids out of school for a week nor am I a fan on Florida in the dead of summer. So once again, in my head, I thought, lets make the absolute most of this vacation. Do EVERYTHING one tourist family could do and with the help of Kelley and her friend, we started the process. Kelley's friend was kind enough to let us stay free in his hotel. That led to planning to go to NASCAR USA, Universal Studio's, and Cocoa Beach. Jimmy actually was the one who said if we are there, we have to see the princesses! I guess Disney will be added on.
Now fast forward 6 months and you have the present moment. After making the plans, it was all I talked about. Needless to say, that did not last long in Jimmy's world so I was banned from mentioning the "D" word. Last night as we were packing the car, Jimmy informed me that he would NEVER go on vacation with little kids again. I thought 5 people in 4 bags, damn I am good. He did not see it that way and started this vacation...NOT as I pictured it in my head. Yes, being gone that long, with children, staying in a hotel is going to be a little exhausting. I have NEVER been with my children none stop for that many days. Am I crazy to be excited by that? I think I am. I think that is was it is 5 in the morning and I can hardly type because my hands are shaking so much. That or I am concerned one of us is not going to make it back!!!
So, I am off, to be ONLY a wife and mom...the BEST wife and mom that I can be. I am leaving all of my issues (in a jar...aren't you proud Jodi), negativity, busyness at home. I am taking with me love, PATIENCE, and a smile. I mean come on, I am going to the "happiest place on earth". Oh yeah, AND MY CAMERA!!! So wish me well! Say a prayer and I will try to keep you posted on the latest developments...get is posted!!! OK, it is 5 in the morning, give me at least a smile for that one!

Monday, November 5, 2007


As you may know, I have every Wednesday off from "work" to be a mom. Let the truth be told, I work harder on Wednesday than I do any day of the week. As a mother, taxi driver, house cleaner, laundry doer (is that a word?), and pleaser of day is pretty long. I intended to have this day as a day to play with my kids and just be a Mom. After 4 1/2 years, I am still trying. It is so hard to just let this stuff go, I want to get the laundry caught up and the bathroom cleaned (boys, I have no idea what is in their pee, but it reeks!!!), not to mention the 100 other items I have to get done. Last week was so nice out and I wanted to get the leaves raked up. Isaac was so sweet and asked if he could jump in the pile. How could I resist? I let everything go and jumped with them. I think as a mom (at least I do!), you forget that at the end of the day, the other stuff does not matter. Your children screaming in excitement versus anger is such a wonderful sound. All three of them thought the pile of leaves was great and the idea of the camera taking a picture by itself...mind boggling! You have to love self timer!! It solved my problem from a few posts ago on how to get myself in a picture or two. Anyway, the day was great both "outside" and "inside". It amazes me how three little people can warm my heart so much!!

A New Favorite...well, close

Not really my new favorite, but I still love it. Ashley will give jimmy a kiss anytime he asks...sometimes even when he doesn' this time. It is wonderful to watch Jimmy with the kids; he honestly loves those kids with his whole heart!

Friday, November 2, 2007

So Sophisticated

I am officially 30 years old, well, I am about 2 1/2 hours short of being 30. My sister surprised me with this very cool bracelet. She told me it was only for a "grown up, sophisticated 30 year old...very adult!" So it is official, I am exactly that...grown up and sophisticated...scary I know. Now to work on patience, oh, I will give myself till I am 40 for that, well maybe 50. I would hate to let myself down!
*Sorry about the photo, I took it with my phone!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween was great again this year. We had the kids party at preschool. As always it was fabulous. Mrs Simon is such a wonderful teacher; I hope she knows that!!! We went home and played in the leaves all afternoon (I will put pictures of that up tomorrow). After that, we went to my mom's. We like to get the most bang for our buck, she has lots of houses close together. Anyways, we had dinner and got ready to go with of course, our annual family photo session. I know how silly, but this is the only time I am guaranteed a picture of the six kids I love most in the world all together. They are all growing up so fast, I know these pictures are limited. This year Ashley, Kyle, and Grandma came trick or treating with us. Ashley enjoyed it very much. She was more interested in eating the candy herself versus putting the candy in the bag, which slowed us down a little. Jimmy especially liked the sucker in his hair! Isaac started out strong and ended up going home early with Grandma. Alli was the highlight of my evening. She did WONDERFUL!!! She told everyone trick or treat, thank you, and Happy Halloween!!! After the first house, she got it. She informed Jimmy that she was going to get more candy than anyone and she did!! She had no problem running from house to house. Of course, she is her father's daughter and could not run through the yard. Let it be known that yes, my children play in the grass at our house, Jimmy just believes that if there is a sidewalk people should use it...out of respect...of course, he is also the one that says "if a lawn is put in right, you can do basically anything you want to it and nothing should happen to it." Does everyone get this Camp Chaos thing now? We are five DIFFERENT people living in one house trying, oh are we trying!!! Like I said before, they drive me crazy, but what would Halloween be with out Wolverine, Sleeping Beauty, and Thing 1 (Tinkerbell)?