Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only in Detroit

Only in Detroit do people get confused by the standard boy/girl pictures on the bathroom door that they had to add the pony tail to alleviate any confusion!! Personally, I thought the pony was a very nice touch...hope to see her popping up in a bathroom near me(and you!) very soon!!!!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Water Fun...Detroit part 2

After the Zoo, we went to the boardwalk and had a little (ok a lot of) fun! The pictures tell the story better than I could...

Yes, it was a very wet ride home!!! Thanks Aunt Kate and Uncle Jared for drying our panties!!!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Detroit Zoo

A few weekend ago ( I know, I am a bit behind), we went to Detroit to visit Uncle Jared and Aunt Kate. I have to say a special thanks to Kelley for getting us a GREAT deal at the Hyatt for the weekend and an extra special thanks to Aunt Kate and Uncle Jared for showing us a rockin' good time and for all the help with the crazies!!!
We met at Leo's for breakfast and headed to the zoo. If you are ever looking for a good zoo to go to, I would recommend the Detroit Zoo. There is a lot to see and do...BUT have you walking shoes on and lots of time. By far, Isaac had the best time...he is such an animal lover. His favorite by far was the frogs and snakes. Wouldn't you know it, I don't have any pictures of that. Must be I HATE snakes.

Here are a few of the many pictures of the zoo...

In the butterfly house. It was so GREAT to have 4 extra hands!!! Jimmy and I actually got a little break and can I say...enjoyed ourselves!!!

I saw this look a lot!! Someone was always carrying someone...well not everyone:)! I could have used a ride!!!

There is a gorilla in the background. Kind of hard to see.

Alli wiggling her teeth.

The crazies with Uncle Jared and Aunt Kate.

James with the weight of the world on his shoulders:)!

Seals showing off.

Coolest thing...polar bears. It makes me very sad to think that they could become extinct in my children's life time. Oh the things you learn from the movie Earth...I also learned that my kids are horrible at the movies and that they might die from starvation and thirst in a matter of 88 minutes!!!!

The kids being prairie dogs.

Ash doing what we ALL wanted to be doing!!

Allison and Aunt Kate

Again, Isaac on Jimmy's shoulders.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people

Just a great picture of the birthday kids. It looks a little like an engagement picture which is a little creepy being that it is a grandma and her grandson, but since I am the one who too the picture...IT'S GREAT!!!

Hope both of these wonderful people had a birthday just as great as them!!!

Up next pictures of Detroit...took lots of pictures will be several posts long...had a an absolute fantastic time!!!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big News and Sorry

First, I am sorry that I have been such a slacker on the ol' blog. I promise to start to do better. We have been so busy just enjoying summer that I have been a little lax on getting things on here. I promise to get it all on here...it will take me awhile and will be out of order, but it will come.

The most important thing that has happened to us is this...

After leaving Michigan's Adventure, Allison was playing with her tooth a lot and said it is getting "really wiggly".

I felt it, thought I was going to puke, sent her to see her father, told him to pull it out...

and he did!!

My baby right after the "blessed event"!

One down NEVER being a baby again...two more to go!!

Funny, Isaac was very sad when Al lost her first two teeth. His aren't even loosening up a little, but after seeing Alli, he just responded with "I think I will keep the teeth I have." Yes, she a little white trashish at the moment. I think she would look FABULOUS with a gold tooth. What do think????
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