Friday, August 22, 2008

Photographer Isaac


I was taking pictures of the kids when Isaac decided he wanted to take a picture of the "girls and you too Mom". I was not aware until that moment that I was not a girl!!! Oh well, minus being a little bit fuzzy, the picture is pretty center of "the girls and mom". Not bad, Isaac...not bad!!!!
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pete Wentz

Don't you think I look a lot like Pete Wentz????



Just a quick thanks to Jodi (Keith), Chris (Jeff), Chris (Kevin) and Gentry (Tim) for a great time out. It was really fun. No night could be complete without a 'mini-photo" session in the backseat of Keith's truck. You have no idea how hard it is take a photo in such a small space and it was really dark outside, but we managed to get some in.

Dinner was great, the beer tent was fun, the ride home was very entertaining...thanks to Jimmy giggling like a little girl...yes giggling!!! Keith was rather entertaining himself. Jodi and I did not find him quite as funny as Jimmy though. Boys and their beer...what can I say?????

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Friday, August 15, 2008

What Was I Thinking????

Have you ever had one of those moments? I know I have said it before and I will say it again...I have issues. Imagine that:)!!! I have issues about being a good mom and wife (ok, these two are the MAJOR issues) and of course, issues with control (again, leading back to being a mom), and so many more that I would prefer not to go there. Which is why I decided to "take control" over some of my issues. I may not be able to "control" my kids going to school. I know they will love it and do well, it is just hard to think about some (most) of the time!

So I decided to take control over my body. I am SO NOT A FAN of my thighs and butt. I would LOVE for them to go away, but I was doing nothing about it. I wasn't exercising and certainly was not eating good, so I really did not have a leg to stand on. I got a really good exercise video using a k-bell and felt like I was making progress. After just over 2 weeks of doing it daily I gained 5 pounds. What is this? I even somewhat (not great, but better) changed my eating. Who gains weight when they are working at losing it????

So why not "fix" my hair????? I am not a fan of it blonde. It matches my skin to much, but I hate to pay to have it darker just to lighten in the pool and sun. Well, summer is about over and I needed a now it's black. Ok, it is not black, but's DARK!!! I like to color (if I cover my's just I can't cover my face!!!) it is just WAY DIFFERENT. Jimmy has always been good about me changing my haircolor/cut. I have had it long, short, bangs, no bangs, blonde, brown, red, sometimes all colors at once. It is just hair!!! BUT...when you have to come home to three kids and their opinion...that changes things. I walked in to them asking me why I colored my hair black? Not what I needed to hear. By time we got in the car, Isaac said "When Dad gets home he is going to give you kisses because you are beautiful!" Ok, he is so my favorite!!!!! Alli was sad because her and I "don't have the same color hair (and her and her dad have the say color eyes...we hear this all the time!)." Ash looked at me and said "I don't think I like it!" Typical!!! By this morning she came around a it is my turn. Again, what was I thinking???????

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just for fun


Playing around...ok, trying to figure out...adobe. What do you think????
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My Kids


The princess...the girl who thinks she is "Mrs. America" and sings the song Fabulous (from High School Musical 2) while looking through her clothes in the closet. Where she came from...I have no idea...again, she should be living with her Aunt Jodi. Not that I don't love her/want her...she is fabulous!...she is just Aunt Jodi!!!


The crazy one...Jimmy with a little bit of my dad thrown in...scary combination!!! This face...oh how I love this face and oh how I see this is exact face so often!!!


The sassy one...she has always had an opinion, but lately we get this "attitude" along with the opinion. She can not talk (or get her picture taken) with out a hand on her hip, tilted out and her head to a side. SASSY!!!!

Man do I love these kids:)!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

My Loves


I just LOVE these three kids. I have these moments when I really enjoy them, really enjoy being their mom, really enjoy taking the time to just love them for who they are. I wish I could take that "breath" more often. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. I have learned to "treasure" when I can and try to move quickly past when I can't. I think this whole kindergarten thing is making me take my moment to enjoy them. I am having a really hard time "giving them up". I love to be in control and someone else having my control is hard for me. Again, Kristin and all of her issues. Anyway, I am learning to accept them (my issues) and try to learn from them and enjoy the time/control I have left!!!


All four of my babies! It would not be complete (well, technically it would not be complete will out all six of my babies...Caleb and Andrew were with Pat and Jen) without Ashley's twin (as she so lovingly refers to him as)!
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Road Side Photos





We were on our way to the "creek" up north when I made Jimmy stop the car. There were the prettiest flowers (ok, weeds!) growing on the side of the road. I thought they would make a good picture opportunity. The girls thought it was great. "Two smiles and you can can pick some!" What a deal!!! Even Isaac got out for 1 picture and picked some flowers for his mom. My little him!!!!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Red Headed Baby

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I LOVE to refer to Ashley and Isaac as my red headed babies. I realized after looking at this picture that I have three red headed babies. I also realized what a good dog Brady really is. I think Ash spends more time on him than by him. He just "sucks" in the love. Gotta love goldens!!!

Happiness for $1.00


I could not let this moment go by with out a big thank you (once again!) to my mom and more way than one! My parents took the crazy kids to a "picnic/party" at a park for work. Yes, my mom braved the three kids in public again! In case you were wondering, Jodi's kids were at Barothy with Keith's family. Anyway, my parents take the kids to the park, Jimmy and I have a WONDERFUL time "look" shopping. That is when you actually get the time to look around and SEE things. It was actually kind of funny, Jimmy asked what we were going to do for a few hours. I suggested that we lay around the pool and do nothing. He said he would get bored and then said "Let's go to Lowes and just look around." How sad!!! We did that for about 35 minutes and were bored...imagine that...not chasing crazy kids around, we had nothing to do! So we went school shopping and out to dinner.

Back to the parents have them at the park. I guess Whitehall Fire Department was there and sprayed this foam stuff on top of pennies and let the kids pick up what they could and keep them. Afterwards, they got hosed off. Kids are still talking about this and carrying their pennies around. What they talk about even more is playing the "bean bag game". For the story I got, they had a bean bad game (were you throw the bean bag, land in on a square and you get a prize). Long story short, no one told them the rules, they threw their bean bags, not landing on a square, went to get their prize and were told they could not get one because they did not land on a square. Of course, Alli started to cry. That is when my mom stepped up to being a GREAT grandma. She went to the dollar store and bought several "prizes" for them. Came home and had a "bean bag game" in the front yard and EVERYONE won!!! I know, this in not a big deal, but to three little kids, this is HUGE!!! The best part is when Isaac told me that Grandma didn't have bean bags "so they threw teddy bears!" Everything about this day makes my heart smile!!!

Happiness is not $1.00, it is free...especially when you are so loved by your grandparents!!!!
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