Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas pj's

A few pictures that were suppose to be on the last post that did not make it there...oops...stupid blogger!!!

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I'm BACK....

I am back. That is my New Year's resolution...a little early. I really enjoy blogging, I have just been too busy. But when I think about what I just said, I think, am I really to busy to enjoy the "small" things to take the time and document a funny conversation or experience? Of course not. I know for experience all of those wonderful memories that you swear you will never forget, you forget. Jimmy and I remember funny things the kids said growing up all the time and we can never remember which one said it. I guess having 3 kids in 2 years and 2 weeks does that to a person.

I am not going to go back to far in the past. I think December is a great place to "start up again". I am following the scrapbook rule...if I go to far back, I will overwhelm myself and stop blogging again. Maybe here and there I will throw in an "old" post just cause:)!!!

We purchased our annual Christmas pj's again this year. Not as cute as I had hoped, but the effect is still there. A family all in matching pj's, kids really do not think much is greater than that. At least not the TenBrink children, granted they are easily amused:)! As soon as blogger stops being difficult, I will post more pictures, but for now, I can not handle the sabotage that blogger is trying to do...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strawberry Fields...

Yes, it is October and it is freezing outside and yes, I am very behind on blogging this. I have (well, Jimmy has) a little blue camera that is small and convenient and fits in my pocket, but it does not have a way of getting the pictures to my computer....long story, computer cord does not work and the computer that I could put the memory card into, Lynn has taken away.

Anyway, this past summer the kids and I picked strawberries for the very first time. Jim and Cheryl were kind enough to take us "newbies" and show us how to do it. It is a very good thing we had Cheryl with us. Jim took the job of picking strawberries very seriously (she went as far as calling him the strawberry Nazi...ha! ha!), but nothing is serious about the last picking (literally) or anything with the crazies in general. It was a lot of fun. Like blueberries, I think we ate more than we picked, but unlike blueberries, my back killed when we were done. Lots of fun...same time same place next year!!!

Cheryl and Iz

Jim and Ash

not sure why this rotated...oh well!!!

typical Ashley face!!!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Six for Six

I guess it is only fitting...my baby is six, I guess she should lose 6 teeth. Don't tell that to Isaac, he still has not lost one. Not for a lack of trying, that poor boy has his hands in his mouth wiggling them all the time. In true Allison style, she lost it at Crazy Bounce. Kyle had his birthday there on Sunday. Jodi and I went over to the Gap Outlet (without any money may I add...did manage to have Jodi buy me a couple pair of tights!), about twenty minutes later I get a very angry call from my husband, Allison had gotten her tooth stuck in the net and ripped it out. All I could think was there must have been blood everywhere, they had to shut down one of the "rides", she is freaking out, we need to go now!!! We got there and all was well...all the blood stayed in her mouth and she was done being sad by time we got there. Jimmy handled it very well...good job Dad:)! Let's see...school, church, Bob Evans, home, Arby's and Crazy Bounce...all have been blessed with locations of "teeth loss". Only Allison!!

I have to say, I was a little sad when I saw her, her pictures were 4 days away...4 days!! My mom assured me that this picture would be my favorite 20 years from now and not to get upset about it. I have to say, I think she was right, again! There is something super cute about this toothless smile that warms my heart!!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Great Cause

Anyone who knows me knows that I am such a sucker for anything breast cancer related. If it is pink and has a ribbon...I will purchase it. I think it is a wonderful cause and too many women are affected by this disease that is just makes me very sad!!! Whitehall is "broadening" the cancer cause to include all cancer...which is even better!!!! They are selling black t-shirts with the above logo for $10.00. The sizes range from children's small to adult XXL. If anyone who reads this is interested in purchasing a t-shirt (or several:)!), please let me know and I will get you to the right person, Michelle Zack. They are available on Wednesday!!!!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ashley's First Day

Thanks to Uncle Keith, I realized that I have not updated in awhile and I never put Ashley's first day of preschool photos on her. She did a GREAT job...she was ready go, picked out her outfit, wanted her picture taken and most important...her Dad was going to school with her. She has since changed classes to the afternoon and really seems to be loving it. We go over and over the 3 rules...Be kind..Be safe...Be in control. In all honesty, these rules are GREAT rules to live by...simple but very true!!!

My BIG girl!!!

Ash and her favorite person in the world...her Daddy

Jimmy feeling bad for me had to get a picture of us too.

The kids going over the rules. Yes, that is Kyle behind his "be in control" sign :)! I have to take my moments when they come. It is not very often a TenBrink child is doing what they are suppose to be doing!!!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

It is official...I am a mom of two first grade children. Two wonderful children that will go to school ALL day long, have lunch at school, have at least 2 (sometimes 3) recesses (I thought I would use these as highlights...they are all my kids care about!), who will come home everyday a little "brighter" than when they left me. Life is a ride. I am, again, as always, holding on tight trying not to scream too much and enjoy it. Right now I feel like I am on the up hill part. The not knowing what is coming next...is it going to be a big drop or a little drop with a turn. Life has a way of just doing what it is suppose to do...so I will just ride my ride...can't get off so I might as well enjoy it!! I do have to say, I am on it with GREAT people.

I uploaded these pictures in reverse...oops!! Look at how big they already are!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

photo session

We had a little photo session this morning. I am not sure where these come from, but somebody wants to take pictures and we all have to pose. I can not get to upset; they come by it naturally:)! Poor kids know when Mom has the camera we should just do what she says and get it over with quickly.

Isaac taking the picture of the ladies...obviously:)!...

Ash taking a picture of me...she is getting better...
Alli taking a picture of Isaac's love for his mama!!! He is giving me kisses in case you were wondering....

Allison taking a picture of me...I did have to photoshop this one to make my skin look a little less pale. Oh, to have pretty tan skin...a girl can dream!!!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marilyn Manson

So...in prior posts I have referred to myself as a Pete Wentz look alike. I feel like I no longer resemble Mr. Wentz...instead I have taken on Marilyn Manson FANTASTIC eyes...

Don't you agree? Or you can agree with Jodi who thinks I look like a dog? Either way...FUNKY to have only one eye dilated!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Saturday was Allison's first cheer leading game. The weather was horrible to say the least, but all and all she did fantastic. There was a small moment were I had my doubts; sometime during the 3rd quarter she tripped over her own foot caught herself on her hands and cried. Cried so hard that the announcer had the crowd clap for her when she stopped crying only to have her cry harder and few minutes later. She is 100% her mother...she was not ready to not be sad so the tears began...until her crazy mother went on the track and threatened her to knock it off or she was going to be in trouble. A cheer later and all was well. She did GREAT the rest of the game.

I have to give big kudos to both Janet and Kelly (the coaches); they are great! The girls even did a dance. Allison has been practicing at home and at Shelly's (a big thanks to Kenzie too!). She was ready, not to mention, the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hannah Montana...you ain't got nothing on Allison TenBrink!!

Allison and her best friend Kenzie!!!

My baby girl...the BIG girl cheerleader!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only in Detroit

Only in Detroit do people get confused by the standard boy/girl pictures on the bathroom door that they had to add the pony tail to alleviate any confusion!! Personally, I thought the pony was a very nice touch...hope to see her popping up in a bathroom near me(and you!) very soon!!!!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Water Fun...Detroit part 2

After the Zoo, we went to the boardwalk and had a little (ok a lot of) fun! The pictures tell the story better than I could...

Yes, it was a very wet ride home!!! Thanks Aunt Kate and Uncle Jared for drying our panties!!!

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