Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7-8

November 7...
I am thankful for healthy active kids...who actually listened! It was kind of a crazy day driving to Muskegon twice in a few hours. Allison's spacer fell out AGAIN and had to be recemented in. I guess to be truthful, I have to be thankful for health insurance as well:)! Got her back to school for a few hours just to turn around and pick them all up. All of them were super good in the morning and at Northland. That never happens!! Left work early to get Isaac to soccer. I love to watch him play. He is such a fun kids to watch. So determined! Left the game a little early to drive back (shoot, maybe I should be thankful for my car!) to Whitehall to drop Tude off at dance. I really like that they all have their own thing and they are good at their own thing. The smile on their faces makes it worth the price and time spent on these things!

"Bonus thankful"...G&L. Isaac's team lost 28-0, bad I know!!! Nothing dinner with Dad at G&L couldn't fix :)!

November 8

I am thankful my my life group at church. It has been really enjoyable getting to know people better and feeling really good when I leave!!

Bonus...my mom is taking my kids on a school night next month so I can go with my husband to T.C. for a night and pretend like we are in love:)!

November 9

I am thankful for GREAT schools. I got to help in Ashley's class today, minus her crying (that really, sad trying not to cry, but crying). It was a lot of fun to see her in "action". It is SO TRUE...everyday that girl is a little bit more her mom!!!!

bonus...weight loss. I started my "weight loss journey" early this summer and I am currently down 39.3 pounds!!! Clothes not fitting sounds like a good thing, but when you really need everything and you have no money...things get difficult...oh well, I am happy!!!