Monday, November 14, 2011

Novemebr 12-13

November 12...

I am thankful for FABULOUS babysitters. I have been beyond blessed to always have a mom that will take my kids, but there are times when I just want to go out to dinner with my husband and have a conversation...just a few hours...not my mom's job to raise another set of kids...DONT get me wrong, I will still use my mom:)! Friday we had out very first "real" babysitter, not a family member or close personal friend, a real girl!! She was wonderful!! I walked in the house and Isaac came running up to me..."Mom, pay her extra. She was GREAT!" They bugged me all day Saturday wondering when she could come back...Friday is another date night:)!!

extra...haircare products...
I love the smell of my new shampoo and shopping at Ulta for a new curling iron and hairdryer (that are on sale!) are always a bonus!!!

November 13
I am thankful for family date nights with GREAT friends. Six kids, 4 adults going to BW's and Puss in Boots was a wonderful evening!!! I didn't get to talk to Brent or Kara very much. Hopefully, our next date we can actually have a conversation:)!

bonus...Ashley actually caring about gymnastics and kicking butt at it!!! Doing her valdez, back walk over and back handspring in progression was awesome to see!! Way to go babe!!!