Friday, November 4, 2011


What if today you only woke up with the things you thanked God for yesterday...

My mom had this on her facebook page a few weeks ago and every night I think about it. I am so busy with my day to day that I forget to be thankful for my day to day. I figured (with the help of reading it on Kate's facebook) that I am going to be thankful for something new each day this month. I am a little behind so I will catch up...

November 1st...I am thankful for my job. A place where I feel at home. I like the people I work with and I like the job I do. I like the added "bonuses" of picking up my kids from school and getting to help in their class. I like that for birthdays we go out to lunch.

November 2nd...I am thankful for my mom. First, I have to be thankful to any lady who is 5 feet all and has a 24" baby. Not sure how I managed to fit into such small quarters. Probably why I hate being in tight spots now!!! I was a little sad about my birthday. I had the day off and nothing to do. No one to spend it with. I really didn't want to stay home and clean my house and I didn't want to shop or eat alone. My mom said she would be "my friend" and spent the day with me. It was so nice getting coffee, shopping, having lunch, shopping :). I take my mom for granted. She helps me out with a lot of jams that I get in. I am VERY thankful for her.

November 3rd...I am thankful for "smart" kids. I was a little concerned about having parent teacher conferences on my birthday. I love my kids and I know them very well, so I had the right to be a little concerned:)! It usually goes something like this...Allison is a very good student, does really well in class, a joy to have around, but she needs to understand it is ok to make a mistake and not be so hard on herself. Isaac is a smart boy, VERY BUSY, tends to not sit still, needs to have "jobs" to keep him busy, talks a lot, but does the work well. Ashley is a joy to have in class, everyone is her friend, very bright girl if she applies herself.
The twins conferences went really well. Better than I expected. Both of them tested in the 5th grade vocabulary level. Allison is reading at 4.5 level and Isaac 3.8. Both of them tested very well on their math. The goal is 10/20. Isaac did 20/20 and 16/20 and Alli 20/20 and 14/20. Crazy enough Allison is starting advanced math and Isaac is not. Thank goodness for Jimmy abd his "politically correct" ways to ask why Isaac didn't get asked to join the advanced math group with better test scores...could it be because he is busy?!?!? Long story short, both kids get to be in advanced math and Tude will start advanced reading this week. I am very thankful for their ability to do their best in school. Even better, Isaac is following the rules, making huge improvements on not being so busy. Allison has only cried one time at school and is learning to calm herself down. Ashley is doing great...everyone's friend, following the rules and she is reading in class. I was a happy to hear that. I spend a lot of time with Al and Iz and Ash gets what's left over which is not enough. I am going to try to do better with that.

November 4th...Getting two loads of laundry done before work this morning...thanks again to my mom for taking the kids last night...and for getting to go to my husband's soccer game last night. It is nice to be the wife. He did really well and I enjoy watching him play.

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